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★ Here's how I would fix / nerf the T67 ★

T67 T49 USA American Tank Destroyer Turret TD Nerf The Scorpions Den Scorpiany

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Plays_With_Matches #21 Posted Mar 19 2019 - 17:24


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How about adding a tier 5 wheelie... that would balance those T67s :trollface:

WeSayNotToday #22 Posted Mar 19 2019 - 22:03


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I think if you want to change the TD itself, then WG should just lower the rate of fire on the M1A1 to below the Wolverine's, because the Wolverine has better ready racks.  Boom, quick balance...


Or, just take the M1A1 away, and leave the 57mm as is and make the 3 inch M7 maybe a little more accurate or give it a little faster reload.


View Post_Katyusha___, on Mar 19 2019 - 14:34, said:

My fix would be similar but:


Move T67 to tier IV, or, preferably, make both t67 and hellcat be the same tank, t67 stock, hellcat upgraded as Historical Hellcat (but of course, nerfed compared to the current T67) Yeah Hellcat would be balanced on tier V, not VI.


Not only T67 is an annoying problem and a tank spammed by stadpadders, but Hellcat would be fixed as well, and more important, would look like a real Hellcat!


Then make "Super Hellcat" a tier VI premium. Everyone happy


This is an interesting take, but I must disagree.  Ultimately, I would slow the reload on the M1A1 on the T67 down a tad, or drop it, and I would drop the 2nd turret and the 90mm from the Hellcat, restoring its mobility, some.  Then I would un-nerf the mobilty in general, bringing back some of its former glory.  Then, release the Super Hellcat [2nd turret/ 90mm] as a premium tier 7 USA TD.


View PostProjectile_Misfired, on Mar 19 2019 - 15:31, said:

Personally, I think WG has already nerfed the T67. 

First, at best, it gets +1 MM, never +2.



This is a big deal for all tier 5s, and also, this change nerfed my Locust and Pz T-15, as I can no longer spot or damage tier 5s.... :angry:



View PostHellsfog, on Mar 19 2019 - 15:52, said:

 Oddly, the current tier 5 mm (-1/+2) does more to address balance than the proposed changes. 



An excellent hypothesis/ point.


View PostPlays_With_Matches, on Mar 19 2019 - 17:24, said:

How about adding a tier 5 wheelie... that would balance those T67s :trollface:


There are more wheeled AFVs for WG to harvest, so, this could happen.

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BadCorps #23 Posted Aug 12 2019 - 21:16

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If you want a long distance sniper with the 76mm.

M10 Wolverine. It's much better at long distance fire and has a decent top speed. It's not as nimble as the T67 but it is better at support


A good crew w/ BIA + Rammer + Binoculars + Camo net = A devastating machine of destruction.

Spotting people is a breeze w/ a 445+ view range and an excellent gun to rack up 1k+ damage a game if you pick your targets right.

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cthulhu_hunter #24 Posted Aug 13 2019 - 00:31

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Rather than nerfing/buffing all these tanks, how about a real simple solution that most players truly want. SBMM.

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