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KRZY-"Boot" Camp feedback: Please leave some feedback.

Feedback KRZY Bootcamp New Players

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Cowcat137 #21 Posted Mar 20 2019 - 18:27


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Let them swap crews for free, one crew per nation, up to tier 4. There's a lot of vehicle hopping that has to happen in the very beginning. Give them a BIA crew to go with that  Free Tier 6.

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_Tsavo_ #22 Posted Mar 21 2019 - 02:28


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View PostYANKEE137, on Mar 20 2019 - 12:27, said:

Let them swap crews for free, one crew per nation, up to tier 4. There's a lot of vehicle hopping that has to happen in the very beginning. Give them a BIA crew to go with that  Free Tier 6.


This here is a really solid suggestion, as crap crews suck

Insanefriend #23 Posted Mar 21 2019 - 03:40


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And the low tier tanks have huge crews, you can spend more on crew retraining for credits then the tank costs.

dunniteowl #24 Posted Apr 22 2019 - 18:05


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I came to WoT when the tutorial was what Tsavo mentioned.  Use WASD keys for move.  Use LMB for shoot.  (there was no telling me about the RMB for autoaim at that time).  Now you can play.  Haff Fun!  That really was about it.


The "Enter Boot Camp" Tutorial system is pretty well covered, I think, by Tsavo as well.  That said it is severely lacking in many basic fundamentals of the Garage, which, oddly, is a LOT more important to good play than many realize until way later.  Additionally, 'scaled' encounters is a good way to go and this Tutorial does not really provide that.


I'm going to reach WAAAAAY back into game history and mention a single player game experience called Mech Warrior II.  As an opening, you were not allowed to participate in battles that forwarded the campaign version of the game until you passed ALL your training courses.


1st Class:  You literally just had to navigate the map in question, visiting waypoint selected positions, manage a walk, a run and fire your guns at a static target.  You were required to play in a light Mech.


2nd Class:  You had to travel from one place to another and were given a mix of weapons (and this speaks to Ammo Types and their uses in this game) and you had to fire each class of weapon at a set of targets so you would understand the differences between firing missiles, using lasers and managing your heat by learning how to group fire and chain fire your weapons.


3rd Class:  You had to convoy protect a set of vehicles and your mission was to ensure that at least 50% of them made it to their endpoint.  You would encounter two or three opposition Mechs along the way, then run into a group of three at the end.  This taught you target prioritization as well as how to protect a defenseless convoy against attack (this falls in line with providing support to your weaker team mates to keep them in the game).


And so forth, with greater and larger units to use and fight with the scaling of the Opposition AI getting more 'clever' or advanced as you progressed.


None of that, however, was allowed until you were given a proper and complete tour of your Drop Ship and Mech repair facility (the Garage in this game).


Once you passed all your training classes, you were given your first actual Mech and then proceeded on out to do your first mission, which was relatively basic, but COUNTED as progressing one's campaign (in this instance it would be like getting your first "real" tutorial match at the end of the "Enter Boot Camp" missions).



So.  The first thing a New Player really needs is a Tour of Their Garage, with an explanation of costs, units, tech tree progression, XP and credit earning and how it affects your research in a line.  Each page needs to have a short 'tour' that covers the primary basics of each page.  I didn't even KNOW I had stats until around 6700 matches!  I never bothered to look, because it was never indicated as useful to me.


If you review any of my past posts regarding the New Player Experience, I have categorically chastised WG for a job Well Ignored until very recently.


If these things cannot be placed into the In-Game Boot Camp Experience, then BRING BACK THE WG Academy and make it somehow worth while and Important to complete.  Like maybe upon completion of sections of the Video Guides there, you get a token that allows you to advance to the next Boot Camp Encounter Level.  This way you teach players the importance of Knowing where to get information, how important that information is to decent or at least competent play, and provide them a set of Incentives to continue with small rewards.


This should include:
1) Use of Consumables in a better fashion than the Boot Camp offers currently. (Tsavo's recommendations I second). (I read a player today with over 11K games who just used Consumables for the first time this week) 


2) How to Follow a Research Line and what the XP and Credits uses are for in that process.


3) Tech Tree Explanations and some information that they can, if they wish Choose ANY line and ANY nation and are not limited to just this one or that one.


4) Equipment as Modules and their overall advantages and disadvantages as well as how to combine them with other pieces that leverage a unit's primary strengths or minimize their weaknesses.


5) The Barracks and how to switch Crews from tanks, either into Premiums for training or to continue to advance a Crew up a Tech Tree Line.


6) The Game Economy and how different Gold is from Credits.  A caution on managing one's 'finances' and how they can increase their fortunes with real cash if they run low.


7)  Awards and Achievements along with Personal Stats.  And please, take the time to inform the players that these stats are for THEM to learn how to get better by knowing where they are weak and strong in the metrics of the game.


8) Exteriors and How Camo Patterns are applied.  A bit of an explanation that different classes get different concealment bonus' for those same patterns, etc.



In short, you need, as the Executor of the Game's Player Retention Levels, to provide clear and easy to follow information about more than how to shoot and drive the tanks.  You must provide them some level of tutorial that provides them at least a complete overview of all the functions and primary factors involved in playing to a level of competency that not only will make them better players in the long run, but will also give them the knowledge and skills necessary to have a better chance of doing well.  This will increase retention levels because they will have more knowledge at their fingertips and will be able to avoid many costly, though simple to make mistakes JUST in their garage.


As an example, as clever as I am, I accidentally spent all my gold in like the first two hours of play.  I didn't have ANY idea how gold was earned or that it was intended to be bought or won in tournaments.  It took me a LONG TIME to recover from that and in the meantime, was part of what caused me to be a bit jaded and bitter on some aspects of the game -- none of which had to do with playing, per se as a tanker.


Lastly, after ALL this time, why isn't there a direct Link in the Garage to the Forums as well as to the WoT Wiki?  I would consider this 'de riguer' knowledge and access for an online game in an online world.  Yet, just not there.  This is a serious flaw in the process.  New Players should be ENCOURAGED to learn more and be provided with handy links to get the information.




Lucid_Nonsense_1 #25 Posted Apr 25 2019 - 10:42

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Missing - a big splash screen saying "The information in the wiki is either horrendously out of date or written by lunatics."

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