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Wheeled Vehicles

wheel vehicle

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Poll: Wheeled Vehicles (51 members have cast votes)

These new fast wheeled vehicles have made WOT less enjoyable?

  1. Yes (27 votes [51.92%])

    Percentage of vote: 51.92%

  2. No (25 votes [48.08%])

    Percentage of vote: 48.08%

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Al_Scarface_Capone_ #21 Posted Mar 20 2019 - 05:13


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Use logic. It's midnight. 


Edited by Al_Scarface_Capone_, Mar 20 2019 - 05:13.

cKy_ #22 Posted Mar 20 2019 - 05:29


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View Postshinglefoot, on Mar 20 2019 - 16:05, said:


     As of this posting 12000 online right now...like I said big fella, enjoy the empty server. Also can I have your autograph?


  It's always around 10,000 people online at this time. God, you aren't very smart, are ya?

Mojo_Riesing #23 Posted Mar 20 2019 - 06:09


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I think the wheelies will need  some adjusting...most everything does from time to time but, no, ,they haven't altered my enjoyment of the game.  OP, hate to break it to you, but i think wheels are here to stay.

Mojo_Riesing #24 Posted Mar 20 2019 - 06:10


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View Post_Tsavo_, on Mar 19 2019 - 18:18, said:

I think they weren't needed but add some spice and variety to the game.   The EBR105 is silly fun and players will have to adapt or be eaten to these new vehicles.   The game will not remain as it was, there will be new patches, new content, new mechanics, and various other things as time goes by.   


I'm happy it isn't silly OP murazor vehicles balanced around premium penetration.  



Adapt or die.   Those are our choices, like it or no.   I loathe arty and think it should go, yet I've adapted to try to mitigate these things and their impact on my match.   With the wheelies you'll need to be aware of where they are, what paths they might take, your emergency plan should you be their target (rubble, buildings, or anything you can stop a circle strafe with)  and you'll find them less of a hassle. 



People don't like to adapt, this they don't like wheelies. 


I'm also loving the wheelies so I'm a bit biased as they are ADD tanks so yay me! 


A really good comment..


MUMBLESRUMBLES #25 Posted Mar 20 2019 - 19:21

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i find them so so, I would have rather seen a half track with a anti tank gun on it, which to me would be more fun....

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