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Frontline - Take your time and get more points

Frontline Fast Cap Fast battle Time extended Longer battles More Points Frontline Exp

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3bagsfull #81 Posted Mar 23 2019 - 06:29

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View PostIKEWIN, on Mar 22 2019 - 12:38, said:


This is a joke. Cowards play this way a way contrary to the goals of the Frontline mode.


This is exactly what is wrong with wargaming is they put too much value in players who use mods to cheat and find any weakness in the game to exploit for personal game.


Wargaming promotes a team game. The reality is its full of selfish player like above whom use xvm and every other mod so they can gain advantage.


wargaming has gone down the wrong path. I bet they have seen a correlating reduction in cash flow cause people are tired of campers and miners.


People are tired of wargaming supporting those who hide behind bushes.


People are tired of wargaming videos showing tanks attacking and fighting when the game play is more like people hiding behind a bush or rock, close to the spawn 445 meters back from main battle front. Nope wargaming does do not show that. Why not? Cause it does not sell! 


Wargaming claims the goals and objectives of the Frontline game mode are as follows:



  • The attackers should break through the defense and destroy at least 3 out of 5 pillboxes on the enemy territory.
  • The defenders should repel enemy attacks until the battle timer elapses."

But the xvm mode cheating community tells and teaches players to do what is quoted above.


It can not be both.


Either the goal is to win or the goal is to get as much damage as possible.


One of the two is against the rules.


So which one is it wargaming?






It's simple, if someone plays Frontlines solely for getting the Prestige rewards they can leave their computer and go make a sandwich after they reach General because THEIR mission, which Wargaming laid out is COMPLETE for that battle.     Nowhere does it say to make it through the Prestige levels that you have to win a single game - show me if you find that.    This is an INDIVIDUAL accomplishment, not a team accomplishment.

virtualray #82 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 22:13


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Frontline should reward you for victory.  It does not.  It is not camping to fight at caps and get damage, but not destroy objectives.  It is the only way to get rank, and the rewards for this game.  Camping also gets you nothing.   I enjoy WoT, but Wargaming is a greedy company, and should have fixed this weeks ago.  Now you think I am going to pay gold to buy a way to speed this up?  The only people you are hurting are other players by rushing the objectives, you make the grind far worse.  Wargaming, this crap makes me far less likely to spend any money in this game.  Players rushing the objectives, you're just jerks.  I have never seen so much hostility about anything in this game.  People like the rewards, and are playing to get them.  Part of the fun is earning them.  Don't make it so miserable so we just learn to hate this game in the process, or there is not point trying to earn them just to quit playing.  

SwollenOstrich #83 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 22:58


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Oh goodie, this thread is back. 


Maybe IKE can join us too? Need some amusement this weekend.

g327 #84 Posted Aug 23 2019 - 23:40

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View PostMakersMike, on Mar 20 2019 - 06:18, said:


Apparently, you are highly confused.  Nowhere in my statement did I say to lose.  Nor did I say to camp.  Quite the opposite.  My entire point was to farm more damage once you have a win secured, and to make use of all the cap points that you can.  And again, to farm damage and cap points at the end of games is not to camp but to be aggressive and attack the enemy. 


If you cap A and D with the other caps still open, then rush to the objectives, you're missing out on a lot of points for those other caps you should go get.  By design, Frontline rewards you for capping and defending cap, or destroying or defending the objectives more than for victory itself. Both sides get generously rewarded because they don't want to penalize the losing team since there are so many variables.  The end result should be the same.  A win by destroying the objectives.  The only difference being how many points and rank increases can you receive during the battle.  


The entire point of Frontline is to advance in rank, tier level and prestige to get more money and reach more levels for the great rewards.  You don't increase prestige levels based on wins.  therefore, the best way to progress is to achieve the most points possible in battle.  But again, it is usually only when you're headed for a win that you're able to dictate this.  If you have the win in hand, get the most points possible that are out there for you to get and you get the best of both worlds.  Pride for the win, and better progression.  


This is the opposite of camping.  It is being aggressive and taking advantage of all the points possible on the battle field.  Let me make it simpler for you.  Imagine if you hit a home run in baseball, and you could just step on home plate and it counts.  But if you round all of the bases, you get greater rewards and much more money for each base you step on.  Would you round the bases?  Or would you just step on home plate to make the game go by faster?



Winning does not provide a single benefit towards earning a free tank, advancing in prestige levels, or getting a dog tag. 


If winning were the primary goal, then why have ranks or prestige levels or rewards based on advancement? There would be absolutely no need for any of that at all. Period.


If winning were the primary goal, then why do losing team players earn rewards, ranks, prestige advancement, etc. at all? Why do some losing team member earn more benefits and rewards than do some winning team members in the same battle?


I understand and accept that some players get their greatest enjoyment by winning the game instead of doing what’s necessary to earn the rewards and benefits that derive from damaging enemies and attacking/defending caps. 


But please do not argue that winning the game is the prime goal when almost all other game features clearly indicate otherwise.


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Jryder #85 Posted Aug 24 2019 - 00:03


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What a bizarre thread...


The difference between winning and losing in FL is the following:

If you win, you get to say to yourself, "I won".

Seriously, that's it. That is ALL of the incentive to 'win' FL.


YES, winning beats losing.

YES, everyone would prefer to win.

BUT, the payoff in FL is ranking up, not winning per se. Rank is how you gain Prestige and Prestige is how you ultimately WIN the reward tanks.

Truthfully, the higher you rank up, the bigger the "win". Whether you win or lose the battle itself is almost completely irrelevant as far as ranking up goes.


As for this talk if "Honor" and "courage", you do know that this is a video game, right? That this is not actually the Armed Forces or any other truly significant pursuit?

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