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Frontline - Take your time and get more points

Frontline Fast Cap Fast battle Time extended Longer battles More Points Frontline Exp

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View PostIKEWIN, on Mar 22 2019 - 12:38, said:


This is a joke. Cowards play this way a way contrary to the goals of the Frontline mode.


This is exactly what is wrong with wargaming is they put too much value in players who use mods to cheat and find any weakness in the game to exploit for personal game.


Wargaming promotes a team game. The reality is its full of selfish player like above whom use xvm and every other mod so they can gain advantage.


wargaming has gone down the wrong path. I bet they have seen a correlating reduction in cash flow cause people are tired of campers and miners.


People are tired of wargaming supporting those who hide behind bushes.


People are tired of wargaming videos showing tanks attacking and fighting when the game play is more like people hiding behind a bush or rock, close to the spawn 445 meters back from main battle front. Nope wargaming does do not show that. Why not? Cause it does not sell! 


Wargaming claims the goals and objectives of the Frontline game mode are as follows:



  • The attackers should break through the defense and destroy at least 3 out of 5 pillboxes on the enemy territory.
  • The defenders should repel enemy attacks until the battle timer elapses."

But the xvm mode cheating community tells and teaches players to do what is quoted above.


It can not be both.


Either the goal is to win or the goal is to get as much damage as possible.


One of the two is against the rules.


So which one is it wargaming?






It's simple, if someone plays Frontlines solely for getting the Prestige rewards they can leave their computer and go make a sandwich after they reach General because THEIR mission, which Wargaming laid out is COMPLETE for that battle.     Nowhere does it say to make it through the Prestige levels that you have to win a single game - show me if you find that.    This is an INDIVIDUAL accomplishment, not a team accomplishment.

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