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"Drops for merit"

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Capitaine_Triquet #1 Posted Mar 21 2019 - 20:11


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WOT is making one step forward by doing two steps back.


I realized that something was really wrong when WOT developers declared that the FV201 (A45) "had a good gun".  The FV201 was retired from the Premium Shop and I keep it in hope that someday WOT developers will realize that the gun of the FV201 penetrates nothing at equivalent Tier or above (even using premium ammo).


As of "Drops for merit" the community of players was not even been made aware of what is the "merit" system in the game.  This was thrown in the game without any form of explanation.  I did notice that rewards were dropping less often and for reserves, they stopped dropping at all.  As a diesel mechanic, my rule of thumb is to "avoid repairing what is not broken".  That is exactly what WOT developers did with this blueprint/drops/reward for merit have done.


It would be worthy for the game to fix what is broken and not messing up what was working.  Also, since I am an average player (even less), I thought it was a good idea to purchase Tier8 tanks from the Premium shop just to find out that you a cannon fodder for Tier10 tanks.


cannon fodder

noun [ U ]
 UK   /ˈkæn.ən ˌfɒd.ər/ US   /ˈkæn.ən ˌfɑː.dɚ/

If you describe soldiers as cannon fodder, you mean that they are not considered important by their officers and are sent into war without their leaders worrying if they die.


There is a huge gap between Tier8 and Tier10 tanks and the tech tree should be fixed and balanced instead of just adding more tanks and tank lines.  And as a general rule will you will not get ahead in the game by purchasing Tier8 tanks from the Premium shop, the tech provides all the unbalanced tanks you need right there.  As of gold is considered it good for the premium account and when swapping tank crews.


I see a message  "Receive a special gift for merit the more you play".  I am fed up of seeing this stupid message and I wonder where I can disable this stupid message since it is irritating to see it when you know that "drops" don't really append. 


That is it and that is all.


madogthefirst #2 Posted Mar 21 2019 - 21:04


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I'd like to see more info on the chance to drop and whether the chance decreases with each drop. First one happened no problem but by the time the 4th one dropped it felt like I been at it all day.

Garandster #3 Posted Mar 21 2019 - 21:12

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They're giving out free stuff as a bonus for playing the game. It's a slightly different take on the loot crates they do in WoWS.


They did explain that things like TKing players and team damage will prevent you from earning drops. As you play more and more and luck out on drops the odds of getting one increase. The system is still being polished, so probability rates will see some change I'm sure.

GeorgePreddy #4 Posted Mar 21 2019 - 21:23


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The drops are totally random UNLESS you do some team damage (that is the "merit" part), in that case you are kept from getting any drops for a certain number of battles.


There is no need to think about these little rewards because there is nothing you can do to maximize them other than play more pub battles and avoid doing any team damage. Otherwise, they simply drop when they drop... random is as random does.


Relax... play tanks... these rewards will come when they come.







wganz_87 #5 Posted Mar 22 2019 - 01:30


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Some people would complain if they were hung with a new rope.

Pakka77 #6 Posted Mar 22 2019 - 13:31


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I forgot one thing so (edit) :)

After each battle Tier V-X

You should see above your missions area a Gold Padlock, and under it which box you are working on.

As you 'advance' toward getting the box the lock will get more and more cracks in it, until you get the box 'unlocked'

BUT: Good games/ Bad games really don't seem to make a difference.


** This is all a guess **

My history so far.

first game, 17 games later, 17 games later, 14 games later, Large box 15 later

10 games, 6, games, 3 games, 17 games, Large box 6 games

1st game, 9 games,

My general guess is as they like 2.5% for some reason is that your chance of the drop has zero to do with anything but playing a game, I've done good and bad makes no difference.

I suspect the MAXIMUM between boxes is 40, so when you get close to 20 games you've got basically a 50/50 shot.

Remember Injure a friendly or break a rule and that game is out.

You get a better and better chance to get drop, and resets when you do.

The small box seems to have 3-5 items with a value of 40-60k

The large box seems to have 4-5 items with a value of 50-70k (but extra blueprint)


Hope this answers some questions and starts other questions :)

I did get 50k in coins in a small box, right after the large box gave me 25k.

Ton's of Directives, which would be cool to be able to sell at some point.

None of what I'd call special stuff has dropped, and I'm yet to get a second blueprint on any of the ones I've gotten.  (figure start to see value in those in 2 to 3 months, if you play a lot)


Good luck & Good Hunting.

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