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Tech Tree Changes(?)

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Koizumi #1 Posted Mar 22 2019 - 00:23


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So, i was checking the EXP needed to reserach a vehicle, (EBR 90) and i noticed something annoying, the EXP needed till vehicle is researched was taken out, I asked my friend with no mods installed if it was just the modpack (Aslains Modpack) if it was the cause, but he said it wasnt just me. So i want to know whats going on, like did WG take out the EXP needed feature or is it just me, cause i definitely took it for granted and now that it's gone i am kinda annoyed. 


TheChumFamineOf59 #2 Posted Mar 22 2019 - 00:36


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FWIW I have it while running XVM

HOTA_CHATON #3 Posted Mar 22 2019 - 02:06


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Yes, lots of people have been complaining about this.

heavymetal1967 #4 Posted Mar 22 2019 - 02:51


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It's still there.  There's a toggle up in the upper left to switch between the regular tech tree and the blueprint tech tree for lack of a better word.


Looks like a compass you use in math classed.


Edit:  But yeah they changed it up and it sucks.  It still shows xp on unresearched tanks though.   And if you click the tank it shows more detail.

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Projectile_Misfired #5 Posted Mar 22 2019 - 03:23


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OP, if you're running Aslain's mod-pack, there's a feature in there to display the remaining research (to unlock the next tank and/or tanks and to elite the current tank) in the garage. It displays above the "Firepower" section of the tank characteristics.

I don't remember the exact name of the feature...and, sorry, but I'm not re-running the installer just for the name. 

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