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Hate Rage Intollerance Illogic Crying Whining But MOM!! Snowlakes Entitlement

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View PostLucid_Nonsense_1, on Mar 22 2019 - 21:46, said:


Those "tomatoes" you are complaining about, they are the new players that you need to recruit to keep the player base healthy. WG doesn't do itself any favours, but churn is normal, the important thing is to have a net positive gain of new players. This game is so stacked against them, however, and the community has such toxic reputation; nobody wants to pick the game up as it just doesn't sound like a good time.

Trying to encourage new players, and making the game more appealing to them, is the only thing that will save it in the long run.  WG has a looong way to go, they are still handing out OP tanks as rewards to the best players for crying out loud... Look at the most successful PvP games on the market, everyone gets access to the same equipment as they progress and the stuff you pay with $ is cosmetic. Not to mention, their addiction to marathons that require unhealthy levels of time investment.

WG is starting to make baby steps in the right direction, but, they are like a heroin addict that thinks they can get their life sorted, by just reducing a bit; there's a long way to go before this game starts its recovery.


Not to harp too much but most tomatoes in this game are absolutely not new players. If you want to witness this just install XVM and start checking stats per side. You will notice quickly that most of the brightest red players have 15k+ battles and are never going to change no matter how much you try to explain to them. You can't get better at this game unless you want to put in the effort yourself to do it and 90% of the player base have no desire to get better. They just think they will magically get better or that their total battle count somehow counts for skill while rocking a 47% win rate ect. 

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