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Could we Please have a rules link in every forum

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Rezawk001 #1 Posted Mar 24 2019 - 00:46


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Could we Please have a rules link in every forum? I mean all the rules. I have read the TOS and the EULA but until a few days ago I did not know there was a thing called Terrain Abuse. 
I have been here about a year and did not know there was Games Rules that I had not read. The Game rules link does not work. I found the game rules searching for rules WoT plus submitting a ticket and I ended up in an area where they were discussing the future of artillery then I notice all these places to go in the left side panel.

Well glory be, there are the RULES all dressed in black and white. Now I am thinking do I bookmark this so I can find it again.


And my computer crashes.

So Please can we have a link to all the game rules in every forum or at least as a pinned post?

3bagsfull #2 Posted Mar 25 2019 - 01:00

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In a lighter note, they should have a rule about terrain abusing tanks - i.e. a tank flipping by driving over 3 steps of a stairwell or grazing a rock.    Talk about abuse, lol, that terrain ruined my entire game - lol.


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dunniteowl #3 Posted Mar 25 2019 - 14:45


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It's actually Physics Abuse, not Terrain Abuse when you pin, flip, push or crush Team Mates.  Terrain Abuse would fall under the concept of what is known as Mountain Goating where you manage to get your tank into terrain it was not intended to travel.  Terrain Abuse is not something I would ever expect a player to get sanctioned for doing.  It was a mistake the Devs made in making the maps.  People tend to explore for all manner of reasons and if you punish them for your mistakes, well...  not cool.  


As far as I know, when the Terrain Abuse occurs, you take note of it and submit a ticket to WG to have Them Fix It, not to have the 'offending player' punished for it.  These are known as exploits for a reason as opposed to abuse.  How does one abuse terrain in an environment that cannot be changed by the player?


In my view, the Abuse of Terrain is a purely Developer Fault.  After all they're the ones who put Soap on rock ledges that make a player slip into the water or off cliffs and they're the ones who put Stickum on the walls of some buildings or rock sides that, once contacted, literally PULL your unit along with no further ability by the player to correct the situation.  Now THAT'S Terrain Abuse.




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