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Looking at tank stats I noticed something alarming

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Volcanic_lobster_220 #21 Posted Mar 30 2019 - 22:20

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View PostNecrolegion, on Mar 24 2019 - 04:58




Tank performance seems to stagnate (slow or not change) when jumping to tier VII & VIII. When looking at performance differences between tier IX and X the jump in power isn't that big, but when you compare the power jump from VIII to IX, the power difference is big! There is a 457 average DPM (damage per minute) jump when going from VIII to IX. Compare that to the jump in DPM when going from IX to X; 393 average DPM while gun penetration and alpha slightly increase. This power difference I believe is what causes all of this anger towards the +2 MM.



Introduce a sweeping DPM boost to tiers VII & VIII. I propose increasing average DPM at tier VII to 2100 and average DPM at tier VIII to 2200, plus additional standard penetration buffs. This change would keep the power gap between tiers consistent and fair. This change would also make +2 MM more comfortable to play in (more bearable).


Thanks for a TLDR version, but, isn't that illogical to buff Tier 7 and 8's because that would make the lower tiers worse for new players than it already is cause these are tanks Tier 5 and 6's have to face? would it NOT make more sense to start at the top and lower the dpm of those tanks? -not that i think that's a good idea, this could much better be solved with +1 -1 mm, which is what everyone has been saying this whole time, then they could skip the whole balancing process of having to tanks fight when same tier, against top tiers, and also against lower tiers, and we see how current tank balancing turns out most of the time, cough cough power creep.

Rimrender #22 Posted Mar 31 2019 - 01:08


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View PostcKy_, on Mar 23 2019 - 23:00, said:

wow you figured literally nothing out gj

So nothing constructive or actually witty, as per usual. At least Capt Green Text posts pics and gifs. 

Scrawnybeaver #23 Posted Mar 31 2019 - 02:09


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View PostATruk, on Mar 24 2019 - 13:50, said:

I am a regular player that earns bonds. Equipment and crew skills are not barriers. They are goals. 


I am a regular player but the only bonds I earn are the one in Frontline and it will take me years to accumulate enough for one piece of equipment given the cost.  No interest in Clans.  How else to get bonds?


Love the fact that I can now get free directives through the new rewards.  

StrachwitzPzGraf #24 Posted Mar 31 2019 - 02:41

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+1 OP -- a lot of work to do what you did -- whether or not it happens... 


The trolls are the same ones who demand proof, where's the data, etc.  When you've taken the time to provide all that -- they laugh at it as "nothing".


Disrespect/incivility  is the new normal around the world... not surprised to find it here as well.

cKy_ #25 Posted Mar 31 2019 - 02:42


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View PostRimrender, on Mar 31 2019 - 12:08, said:

So nothing constructive or actually witty, as per usual. At least Capt Green Text posts pics and gifs. 


But what you said was both constructive and witty, right? Wrong

AnArmyofBun #26 Posted Mar 31 2019 - 03:53


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View PostNecrolegion, on Mar 24 2019 - 01:32, said:


Wait, how is that nonsense???? Please enlighten me.


I feel very strongly against enhanced equipment. Was against it since it was announced. It adds yet another barrier between regular players and those that can farm bonds (typically unicums). I mean how many more threads about hacks and cheats do you wanna see on this forum??? The randoms that encounter unicums cannot differentiate between skill + enhanced equipment vs hacks or cheats. 


I don't have any enhanced equipment and have around 7200 bonds.  I do just fine.  Why?   I do fine with bad crews, better with good crews.  I was actually planning to buy my very first piece of purple equipment when I get my batchat 25t.  But I dunno.  Kinda wanna wait to see what the swedish mediums really are like.

Everyone who whines about this stuff never really can answer the question of why players like me are just fine without the things they say break the game.

SporkBoy #27 Posted Mar 31 2019 - 18:02


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Scrawny - no interest in clans? Last clan wars I didn't play that much or that well but got 4500 bonds - interested now?

toesave #28 Posted Mar 31 2019 - 18:25

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View PostNecrolegion, on Mar 24 2019 - 04:08, said:


Thank you for your constructive feedback! Must come easy when you aren't using your main.


wait he may not be allowed to post on his main..  I can't.  some clans will bounce you in a heart beat for even looking at stuff in here..... my main is actually my reroll this is my first account...   just saying..


most will not understand what you are trying to do here..   the 60% do not like other trying to make a point..  they are the only ones who opinions matter... ask them...


you have put up a opinion that baffles them so they bad mouth you...

Smooky_Le_chien_husky #29 Posted Mar 31 2019 - 19:14

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Looking at tank stats from people when are so red i not stick or be arounds this people i get shoot by many of moron

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