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Goodbye rigged game

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RacWisco #41 Posted Mar 25 2019 - 15:39

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View PostCapitaine_Triquet, on Mar 24 2019 - 11:07, said:

I threw a 100.00$ in the game this month alone.


Cause and effect.  You identify a cause and determine the effect so I did.  Made some drastic changes to my tanks looked back at how I playing and determined a course of action.


The effect didn't change and this all along the month that is to pass.


But before you smack me and tell me that I am an idiot or a moron I will satisfy your inner desire to silence my sorry butt.


Here they said it better than me:


Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #2



This being squared off a few thoughts.  I think the WOT a turn for the worse when the O-I Japanese line of super heavy tanks was introduced.


The developers are stuck in a box and the game is designed to satisfy kids that have the finger on the win button.


The only chance this game has is for World of Tanks to lose enough paying player to leave the game forcing developers to be laid off and from there the game to be picked up by another team of developers.


I started playing EVE ONLINE in 2003 and by 2006 I knew that game would fade away and it is fading away.  I posted this comment on the EVE devs blog and a week later EVE online produced a video clip titled "EVE will never fade away".  It is a cycle.  A game appears on the market, players gather around the game, the game gets popular because it is riddled by flaws and so the developers "patch up" the game by nerfing it or giving it many buffs and then players leave progressively.  EVE ONLINE tried to balance its in-game stuff and WOT is doing the same.  It will have the same effect.  WOT will fade away because there nothing worse for an online game than buffs and nerfs.  When you throw stuff in a game it's there and if players are deprived of hard-earned stuff players tend to be irritated.  I never lost anything that could not be fixed, I am just fed of turning around and be faced with the absence of satisfaction from one level of the game to another.  


Lunacy is doing the mistakes and expecting different results.  I expect the same results what I ever I do because I changed a lot of things without any sign of change.


Uninstalling the game.  Good luck and have fun with the win button.


Have fun playing Battlefield 5.

Copacetic #42 Posted Mar 25 2019 - 15:46


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OP is just another noob that bought his way into tier 8 with 34 premiums without learning the game. No compassion here. 

JunkaTheAdmirable #43 Posted Mar 25 2019 - 19:25


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Tomato tears fuel my WN8.

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