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The Lansen C Debacle.

Lansen C Poor handling

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Peak_Bagger #21 Posted Mar 24 2019 - 21:10


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View PostGeorgePreddy, on Mar 24 2019 - 18:08, said:


I know, right ?  How can anyone want that fantasy trash wolf head on their muzzle brake ?!?




George, I usually agree with everything you say, but gotta disagree with you on this. I love the 3D camo on the Lansen. And the wolf head looks cool. My daughters think it looks like a Chinese paint scheme and that the wolf head looks like a dragon at first glance, though..

Raized275 #22 Posted Mar 24 2019 - 21:24


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I think the fact that the skin is only on the $100 package is great!!!! Made the decision not to buy the tank that much easier for me and a lot of my clanmates. I really really liked the $55 bundle and was on the cusp of buying it even though I think the tank is meh, but I didn’t pull the trigger when I realized it didn’t come with the sking.



WOT just can’t help themselves. For years people have been saying they would buy cool skins, so WOT decided they would sell it in a $100 bundle. Why are you not happy (sarcasm)? 


In the end, the Lansen doesn’t have the new Swedish medium mechanic, kind of an uninteresting tank, and the skin is OK but not $100 bundle OK. 


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Atragon #23 Posted Mar 24 2019 - 21:28


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Buy the tank and paint it add some decals.

I_QQ_4_U #24 Posted Mar 24 2019 - 22:00


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While I don't really think it was a big deal it certainly was a [edited]up. I well run company would have offered the cheaper packages with the skin for an extended time for those that wanted it considering for almost the whole time they were supposed to be available few could buy them.

Necrolegion #25 Posted Mar 24 2019 - 23:08


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Why would you want that skin??? That skin adds a lot more to the price of a tank. I would have loved it if I could have bought some of my tanks without the skins for less money. $34 or $35 whatever the base bundle was is a great price for a really awesome premium.

DixonCider563 #26 Posted Mar 24 2019 - 23:46

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This is typical wargaming since the move to central, Some of their departments are god awful, Put them right up there with Fallout 76 LOL. Apparently they rushed the release of the Lansen C and it shows by how it all went down from pre sale to release, I Believe this is the first time ever that i have seen a pre sale last for 1 day and then the next day full release comes out with god awful grimy package deals. Normally a pre sale last for maybe 3 days then the full release is at least a week or more from when pre sale ends. So far march has been the worst month for wargaming in 2019, sure there will be more to come lol. From a worthless update patch to a "Hold My Beer" moment in the Lansen C presale, To ANOTHER "Hold My Beer" moment by ONLY giving the 3D style on the $100 dollar package on a tank that is no where close to wasting $100 on!!!! Oh well at least i am enjoying The Division 2 for now until Frontlines comes back in April!!!

AlaskanPredator #27 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 00:11


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Didn't work out for me to get it what with remote work site and limited time frame offer. Love reading the comments though! I have been playing this game for over a year now, am a veteran AND old @ 63 but enjoy the challenge of the game. I just wish I had a better grasp so I'd have better stats and play better to support my teams. Oh well, work in progress...lol I became acquainted with WG first with WOWS.

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