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[ST] Type 4 & Type 5 Heavy + FV4005 Rebalance, first stage

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dillonm #121 Posted Oct 09 2019 - 08:45


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nerfing the type 4/5 derp gun is unnecessary, i like the idea of swaping "gold" round from HE to HESH but you cant nerf the DMG that bad

chillspider #122 Posted Oct 26 2019 - 22:14


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they need to just replace it with a whole new tank like they have done with other tanks such as foch 155, 183, ETC. Or just remove the whole line and give me a refund..

BeastsOfBattle #123 Posted Oct 27 2019 - 06:35

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I had not played my FV4005 since before the big nurf. I took if for a spin tonight, three battles, avg damage 3885, two wins, and a win8 of 3375 (what ever that means).


I was missing shots where I'm fairly sure I would have hit in the past and the aim time is annoying, the reverse speed is just pathetic. However, I think I can adapt my tactics to take these into account but I hope they don't screw up the ammo because Hesh Hesh Baby! :)  It still one shots tanks (insert happy dance).

Hydro4 #124 Posted Dec 05 2019 - 02:35


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Type 4 is unplayable in its crrent state, its only attribute(its armor) is negated by premium ammo, which everyone shoots. Its gun and the grind to get the next one is maddening. Its armor may as well be the same as the french heavy. Its gun even the non derp put out to little payload for the reload times. Not to mention, 80% + of its matches are against tier 10's which renders it even more useless...


And the grind for xp to go from the stock gun which sucks, to the derp that doesnt do a whole lot (reload vs dmg output is the worst of all the heavies) to the decent gun... 65k and another 65k, dont forget the tracks which was 27k... is HORRIBLE, seeings how (from what I am told) the game is designed to prevent much more than a 50% win rate (however, it seems to try to keep me under 46%, I have several good matches, then slews and slews of bad ones, regardless of how I do, I still only get small amounts of xp because of a team loss...which should be addressed too... Id say top 5 on the losing team should get a decent amount of xp for effort (no, not as much as the winning team, but, comparable), weve ALL had matches where weve done 5k+ damage, got 5 or 6 kills only to be swarmed and killed, lose the match and received only a small amount of xp (which is frustrating to say the least).


No, I dont claim to be great, nor even what Id call "good", however, every dog has its day, I do have Great and good matches, and my player score is reflecting that as time goes by ( I played foolishly when I started and hurt my numbers, and its taking some time to fix them, longer than I like, but, theyre rising, current rate, Im figuring between 4 and 5k by the time Im at 20k seeings how my first 10k included 2 separate learning sessions and every stinking junk mission for some kind of "free" crap), Figured Id say this before the "git gud" band wagon chimed in, if youre actually wondering, look at my last 6 months of play and it reflects what Im doing now vs what I used to do.


Regardless though, even not so good a players can have ideas that would make the game more enjoyable for everyone.


I would actually LOVE to see this game go to 1 step matches.... a tier 5 will see 4 and 5 and 6, tier 7 will see 6,7,and 8, a tier 8 will see 7,8,and 9 THIS would balance matchmaking to make matches SO much better for EVERYONE. Also, since currently tier 8 can see 9's and 10's, I would like to see platooning for the 3 tiers together as a possiblity (which would obviously change if single stage matches were a thing). Id also love to see something done about the frequency that ANY tier has to go into higher tier battles (from what Ive endured, Id say its at least 85% of the time that youre not top tier).

Im just not sure if I should sell it or simply let it gather dust in hopes WG will see people dont play it and decide to do something about it.

Jean_Luc_Bacardi #125 Posted Dec 26 2019 - 08:36


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The date is 12/25/19 and the Type 4 and 5 are completely useless they continue to have weak spots in the armor, which persist from the first round of nerf's the upper hull shoulders or corners (ammo rack location), cupola, driver port, hull mounted gun, and flat armor angles prevent the tank from sitting in the open like a side scraping maus would. The 14cm being the only solid choice however getting the gun into play without taking guaranteed damage is tough. Gold spammers do exist but lets excluding them at the moment since the enemy seemed to nail these weak spots easily enough with just AP. The 15cm gun is a non-starter the KV-2 has a 900 damage HE gun at tier 6. At tier 10 how is 900 damage supposed to be ok? I'm not interested in mentioning the Hesh. Either most of your play through is seeing the front of heavies or getting caught in the open trying to get into position, but after you reach the front line with all the heavies you get to search for spots to aim for, while the enemy can pod shot at your turret or flat armor spots. Dont forget spammers tap that 2 key meanwhile your thinking about using hesh on the mediums and lights that in the 14-18 secs it takes to load this gun they would have chewed you to death by sitting next to you.....ya! balance...

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navalartichoke #126 Posted Dec 27 2019 - 13:26


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I feel your pain. I was in the middle of the Type 4 grind when the Nerf happended. So I parked her in the garage, mothballed her, and went back to my Russian Medium tank grind.  I now have an Object 430U and love it. So if you can't beat them, join them.  :confused:

PatoThe #127 Posted Dec 28 2019 - 05:17


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WG you garbage *hit! FV is unplayable now but nerf more???? omggth

TotalDomination6996 #128 Posted Feb 17 2020 - 15:29


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NO FUN 4 U!!!

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