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My 3¢ worth. And, you get what you pay for.

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ImBonzo #21 Posted Apr 04 2019 - 08:52

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View PostLucid_Nonsense_1, on Apr 03 2019 - 17:40, said:


Just a quick follow up; the reason premium is going to be a lot quicker is that there is no decision involved. It's press X, not X then another number; even if you set up so that you need to double tap 5 to repair tracks - because the audio signal doesn't distinguish between different modules, your brain will spend some time processing; even if it's faster than you consciously are aware. My undergrad degree is in cognitive psych. followed by grad work programming the GUIs for dept. experiments involving computers. A trained subject can get a response time for audio stimuli sub 0.2s easily and even sub 0.1 is possible. It's been a few years ago, and it really varies with stimuli, task loading etc; so I'm not going to trawl for the exact numbers; they are not something I can recall of the top of my head - but I can point you in the right direction if you want...

Thank you for the reply. My point, while not backed up by a degree or advanced degree (congrats, btw. I had no taste for grad school and entered the service instead), is that the decision to press "x" for (even premium) repair is not a simple decision. Most often, the subject does not know it will need pressing. If you (sorry, the corporate "you", and to follow) have not been spotted and choose to dash between buildings, I would argue (though I might lose) that you are not thinking "I'm gunna get tracked. I am only going to get tracked. I shall ignore all other input." Rather, you might also be considering who you might spot, could maybe fire at, where the f*** is their arty, and the location of where you park at the the end of the dash without crashing. This puts this into the "go/no" decision, wherein your brain must first think "what just happened of all of the above possibilities" before reacting. That delays things. I will not argue your numbers, especially in stimulus -> reaction single choice decisions. I can imagine a trained individual can go sub 0.1. My point is that the vast majority are neither trained, nor have the time to invest to to drop their reaction time in that manner. I proposed this change to help (minimally) that majority, of which I am one.

I have enjoyed reading and considering your posts. I appreciate your position. I can also appreciate that your position would be the favored position of the vast majority of sub 0.5, or sub 0.2 reaction times, who are no doubt in the minority. They have an advantage and want to keep it. I don't blame them. But WG has a long history of addressing advantages and re-balancing to adjust. Can't aim? Well make premium rounds more accessible. Getting ROLF-stomped in a OP tank? We'll take it out of the garage (Type 59) and/or nerf it a bit.

My suggestions (and I won't claim them to be merely altruistic) were to help remove many of the frustrations I witness that I believe we all face. All? Yes, improving the chances (again minimally) of the majority of us poor players not only keeps them in the game, paying to support the game, and not frustrating the better players who end up berating the poor players with calls to uninstall, etc. And, most importantly, eliminate the desire to cheat by some, and eliminate the calls of "Hackers" by others. The game gets unnecessarily hostile. I would rather it would not.

Wishing you continued success and enjoyable games,


p.s. - I did say at the beginning that you get what you pay for.

Pipinghot #22 Posted Apr 04 2019 - 10:58


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View PostImBonzo, on Apr 03 2019 - 20:00, said:

View PostPipinghot, on Apr 03 2019 - 03:36, said:

No you're not, you're suggesting a change to please yourself and maybe (just maybe) a couple of other people. Look around the forums, there are many topics with hundreds or thousands of threads each, and yet nothing about people repairing tracks "too quickly". This nothing that "the masses" care about, it's specific to you, and your reasons for suggesting it are selfish based on your personal reaction time.

Nah... it's more like you'll make 99.9% of everybody roll their eyes at you for belaboring a non-issue.

Based on the amount of comment in forums and especially in in-game chat, instant repairs  (and health, and OP arty), it is a large issue. I say "the masses" because I count myself in the poorer player block of less than 51% winners. And in the games with these folks is when I hear it. And complaints of  "hacks" in general. We, the starving, huddled masses. And we are not the only ones complaining. Many, all the way up to the best players call us who dare point out such things whiners. A minimal time repair would eliminate one point of contention.

Selfish? Yeah. But for a group. Perhaps as selfish as great players wanting the status quo, with their boots on the necks of the proletariat? :-)

Oh good lord, you're not being oppressed you're being outplayed, just get over yourself already.

latvius #23 Posted Apr 05 2019 - 21:38

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I don't agree on skill based MM, case in point yesterday I had two players on my team in a "good" clan and I thought this should be an easy win, nope was a total blowout. Go figure.

I agree flipping a team members tank rightside should be an option

I agree getting tracked should cause your tank to come to a complete stop even if you repair it while it is skidding.


Yeah the missions I think you really need tier 10 tanks to make it easier, I am on the 3rd stage of the first set and still on the first stage of the second and I play a lot of matches.


I don't think any tank should be exclusive, WG can make some kind of camo or something to show whether you bought it or earned it, problem solved.  Too much work goes into balancing tanks so all should be availiable and not everyone has time to play clanwars (which happen at specific times).

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