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Initial Analysis of My First Day w/New MM


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APA_Woody #1 Posted Apr 08 2019 - 15:34


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Saturday was the first I've been able to sit down and play WoT since the MM changes. I played a total of 46 matches in the morning and afternoon (EST), and here's the break-down of Top (or same), Mid, and Low tier games played during that time:

Top/Same tier matches: 20

Mid Tier (3/5/7): 10

Low Tier: 16

**these are all matches I received when I was playing a tier VI, VII, or VIII tank**

By my count, that's 65% of the time that I was not bottom tier for the day. Also of note, when I was bottom tier, they were not all in 3/5/7 matches (9 times out of 16), which means there were 7 other matches I was low tier, typically either in a 5/10 or 6/9 game with only +1 tier MM.


Admittedly, this is a small sample-size overall, but possibly shows for the casual tanker (like myself) what to expect over a given time-frame on a Saturday. Now, my win % sucked quite a bit, but that's more due to me being very rusty and making dumb strategic mistakes on the battlefield than anything else (imo). If this trend in MM holds, I think I will rather enjoy the game even more than I did before. I only started playing January 2018, but I put a pretty good amount of time on the battlefield (especially late last summer on). Now that the weather is better, I will probably play in spurts like this, so it'll be nice to have less and less bottom tier action. Anecdotally speaking, even in the losses, I didn't feel that general sense of "rage" that had started to creep into my psyche when there would be so many games of bottom tier after bottom tier after bottom tier. Losses didn't feel so bad...

APA_Woody #2 Posted Apr 10 2019 - 15:06


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Now at 85 game sample size running solely Tier VI - Tier VIII tanks (and mixing in some platoon action as well), here are the current totals:


Top/Same Tier MM: 45.88% (39 battles)

Mid-Tier MM: 16.47% (14 battles)

Bottom Tier MM: 37.65% (32 battles)

Total % not bottom tier: 62.35% (53 battles)


21 of these 85 battles have been in a 2-man platoon with the following results:

Top/Same Tier MM: 47.61% (10 battles)

Mid-Tier MM: 14.28% (3 battles)

Bottom Tier MM: 38.09% (8 battles)

Total % not bottom tier: 61.90% (13 battles)


16 of the 85 battles have been in a 3-man platoon with the following results:

Top/Same Tier MM: 43.75% (7 battles)

Mid-Tier MM: 6.25% (1 battle)

Bottom Tier MM: 50% (8 battles)

Total % not bottom tier: 50% (8 battles)


So, thus far, when playing solo and when in 2-man platoons, the MM is right at 62% non-bottom tier matches. Only when in 3-man platoon does it go to a 50/50 split, and I don't feel bad about that. When there are three of us together, all communicating via Discord, that can be a pretty large advantage, and I understand the MM penalty for that sort of grouping.


Playing in a 2-man platoon has been the most fun though, and my buddy and I have had some pretty awesome matches together the past couple evenings. He played a lot back around 2013-2015 but had taken a long break until I started telling him about the upcoming MM changes. He came back and has played a LOT more frequently of late and agrees with me that it "feels" more fun now. At least when we aren't majority of the time getting 2+ tier matches as bottom tier, that's the way it should feel. Sprinkle in the challenging 3/5/7 or 4/5/6 bottom tier matches to keep us on our toes, and I'm ok with that.

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