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Why the hate for the EVEN 90?

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LordSwaggyMcBadassington #1 Posted Apr 09 2019 - 10:03


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Hey all,



I recently picked up an EVEN 90 on a whim; ignoring my better judgement and all the negative reviews from streamers (Jingles, Quickybaby, Circonflexes). I expected it to be a terrible tank, but one which I would hopefully have fun trolling around in.



I've found, however, that it's hugely exceeded my expectations. It's speed, mobility, and view range seem workable, and certainly not as poor as some people have suggested on the forums previously. Even on a no-skill crew, the firepower is good enough, and hilariously fun when you charge up to a isolated target and hit-and-run them with a 600-700 dmg burst. It's fast enough to get back into cover, so the DPM doesn't matter much, and it's also so damn invisible that I've had heavies literally drive right past me and not spot me camping bush.



I am definitely not the most competent light tank player (as my stats in the tank show) but even then, I'm managing to have a blast in this little terror of a tank. I don't really understand why so many seem to despise it so much; So, why the hate? Anyone who truly dislike the tank care to share why?

kapri25 #2 Posted Apr 09 2019 - 10:21


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Basically it boils down to this. Very low profile, great camo rating, for such a small thing it has a good gun, really good mobility, and great camo rating. Why do people hate it? Because no one is allowed to beat them in any tank. Arty? Nope they're broken get rid of arty. Even 90? How dare a light tanker have skill and us it to beat my heavy?. They will complain and whine about something they feel is "wrong" with the game and yet are quiet as a mouse when it comes to other things of the game that they take advantage of. They will whine about the ELC Even 90 but don't you dare say anything about the Defender in their garage. 

Monarchco #3 Posted Apr 09 2019 - 11:11

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I don't /like/ mine.


I also don't think it's competitive.


But I get some good giggles. There are bushes it can scout from in the middle of the open that no other tank can fit in above tier 4. It's brought me multiple insane passive scouting games that wouldn't have been possible in any other tank at any other tier.

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__WarChild__ #4 Posted Apr 09 2019 - 13:42


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It's not competitive, but if you need a spotting mission done - the ELC is your tank.

YANKEE137 #5 Posted Apr 09 2019 - 14:07


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It needs a camo crew, and BIA doesn't hurt. I use food too, which makes it expensive. The biggest weakness right now, IMHO is the fast cars:  If they spot you, you cannot escape, and that hit-and-run gun which works well against tanks is not much use against an EBR on your tail. 

Better for Clan battles where you can count on your team to cooperate. In pubbies, spotting may or may not work depending on the herd's composition.

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Bad_Oedipus #6 Posted Apr 09 2019 - 14:14


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I like mine; however, I can see why it's "no good".... it's a great spotter, hart to detect and hard to hit, cause it's designed for ump lumpas.  It tend to get great spotting damage, and that's bad if you care about your Win8.


moogleslam #7 Posted Apr 09 2019 - 14:55


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This tank is OP in the right hands.  I've expressed my love for it a few times in these forums.  Here's one:


ELC EVEN 90 is best pure scout in the game.  It can get to bushes that no other tank can get to, and can also hide in smaller bushes than just about anything.  People will say it's gun handling is bad, as is it's DPM, and that is true, but those characteristics are mostly irrelevant for the role it will play.  When it does have to transition from scouting to damage dealing, it is usually flanking solo and/or distracted targets at close range, and dropping it's 660 clip damage to eliminate tanks.  It can be an offensive powerhouse if played right.  I've managed 4k+ dmg games, 10k+ spotting, a Pool's, a Kolobanov's, and never ever feel limited by it's offensive characteristics.  I have a 60% Win Rate in it over 400 battles.  This might be the most underrated and misunderstood tank in the game.  Play it right, and you can dominate and win....  a lot.


Copacetic #8 Posted Apr 10 2019 - 20:41


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I love mine...gets me lots of wins...early game spy and late game assassin.

BadCorps #9 Posted May 13 2019 - 14:35

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It's a premium vehicle that people pay $50+ for and it's gun is almost as BS as the EBR FL 10. It's small and annoyingly fast, it's on my list of 'immediate threats that need to be destroyed ASAHP"

Stugpendous #10 Posted May 26 2019 - 06:29


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56% win rate and 750exp average.

two stripes on the gun but an xTe of 32 which says i'm only better than 56% of the player base in that tank. ...Go figure...

1,192 average assisted damage

Currently Nº50 in the in game ratings for May

The best tank in my garage stat wise... So much so that i barely take out the other tanks to roll except on 3x, 4x, 5x events to uptrain crews while i wait patiently for the Mario Kart Wheeled UFO's to be nerfed.

I think the unicums hate it because WN8 does not add assisted damage to its counting mechanism. After more than 1,000 battles i have NOT encountered an ELC EVEN piloted by a tanker with a higher in game rating than me, and i'm an average Joe.

Caveat: You have to learn how to use it; it does not forgive mistakes and it is useless in the first half of matches in bottleneck maps, Second half, if you manage to stay alive, you can finish off the damaged heavies.

The open maps like

Siegfred, Murovanka, Prokhorovka, Malinovka, Mines, Sand River, El Halluf, Ghost Town, Glacier, Highway, Live Oaks, Redshire Steppes, Studzianki, Westfield, Lakeville, Karelia, Mannerheim. Erlenberg . Are excellent for the critter.

The maps that i have not learned to play or where the ELC EVEN is a drag on the team are:

Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Fjords, Ruinberg, Tundra, Empire's Border, Airfield, Paris, Abbey


Neutral on

Overlord Pilsen Mountain Pass.

Hope this helps.

F1O1 #11 Posted May 29 2019 - 17:12


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The problem with Even 90, is that it has been made a terrible tank. lt has been designed unidimensionally to do one series of good things tier 8, and everything else it is tier 6




Though one can say the mobility is fine, amongst other light tanks especially at the tier, it is not fine. Poor comparative HP/T. Poor comparative track traverse. Even 90 at the very least deserves ELC Bis tier 5 180 horsepower engine. But more reasonably should probably get 200 or 250. Track traverse should be increased to 50-55deg/sec range.


Although the penetration resembles other tier 8 LT, the DPM does not. Awful tier 8 DPM. Literally, it has the DPM closely mimicking ELC Bis at tier 5.  

Bat Chat 12T has very low DPM too, and this things has 400+ DPM less than that. lt is extremely bad, tier 6 bad in tier 8. 660 burst damage isn't special either. 

lncrease the alpha to 240 as it should be, increase overall ROF to 6rds/min, and the tank still has comparatively low firepower

Needs a shell velocity boost to at least 800m/s, APCR pen to 221mm


Health boost. Although light tanks should not have much HP to begin with, Even 90 has way too low health. Armorued cars have the least HP around, and both tier 8 AC have more than ELC, very unusual because they normally have less than LT within tier. lncrease Even 90 HP to 960-1000. 










illumiZoldyck #12 Posted Jun 01 2019 - 05:46

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its a cutiepie of a tank

how can anyone hate such a adorable lil thing 

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