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Features of Update 1.5: Join the Common Test

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SparkyGT #61 Posted Apr 22 2019 - 03:58


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View Postm_gmoney, on Apr 21 2019 - 17:01, said:

.  I'll keep on playing but I won't be using arty to generate free exp and then use gold to convert it, and that is where WG will lose me. 



i also quit doing this, so +1 to gmoney

Wraithunter #62 Posted Apr 22 2019 - 23:03


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Hm...I've finally got the Launcher to work and PTS to work, however I've run into a problem with the British Tree, there seems to be a bug with the Tier I Light tank Medium I, in order to unlock the next line of vehicles I need to unlock the 2nd gun for the Medium one. Which is fine, however I can't...because the name of the vehicle on Top is blocking it...and there is no other way to even get from Tier I -->X. Every time I try to find even the slightest angle to research it, it gets blocked by the info screen..I can already see on Live server being annoying af to deal with lol. Just wanted to report a bug, might as well really lol.

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Comrad_Pravda #63 Posted Apr 23 2019 - 18:56


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My opinion about the adjustments to the Type 4 and Type 5's guns: I have a Type 5. I would not consider that an "adjustment." I would consider it a nerf. Sure the buff to the penetration is interesting, but honestly it isn't enough to make it a fair trade and even if it was I don't WANT to make that trade. The whole reason you use that gun is for the splash damage INSTEAD of the penetration. I don't want it to be a penetration dependent gun. I like it the way it is. If you want a penetration based gun, use the other one. There already is one for that. Changing it to a high penetration HE gun removes versatility from the ways you can play the tank. At tier 10, heavy tanks have generally around 250~ish mm of penetration, which isn't enough. That is why everyone fires premium ammo all the time at tier 10. The new ammo would have 192 mm of penetration. If 250 isn't enough, why would 192 be enough? It wouldn't, so then, effectively, it is JUST a 200 damage nerf.


The regular 1100 damage HE round doesn't need to be nerfed. It is the same damage as the T110e4's HE round. The Type 5's premium round needs to be nerfed or changed in some way because that is 1400 damage. I won't defend the premium round if you want to change/nerf that. That's fine.


The problem with the proposed change is that it makes the Type 5 significantly less good by comparison to it's peers. Consider, for example, the Object 705A. It is better at side scraping, has better armor if you do so to hide the lower plate, which is easy to do. It has a standard AP round that has 256 mm of penetration with 650 damage on a 152 mm caliber gun. (High Explosive can't overmatch, but, since the 705A has AP rounds too, yes, +2mm from 150mm to 152 mm does matter for overmatching those tanks with 50mm armor plates.) The 705A has far better armor, and its HE round does 840 damage, which would only be 60 damage less than 900 HE damage, which is what the new Type 5 would be firing. So then... why would you ever play a Type 5 over, say... an Object 705A? Nerfing the Type 5's HE damage would make it significantly less competitive.


As an alternative, instead, I could suggest changing the premium HE ammo to do the same amount of damage as the regular ammo, but change it from HE to HESH like the British have, and giving it significantly better penetration than the standard ammo. Maybe 230 mm like the FV4005?


Another alternative that would make it interesting is to nerf the damage, but make it like artillery damage where even though it came out of a heavy tank it has this huge splash radius. That might be a terrible idea, but it would probably be funny. Maybe just the premium round does that?


A long time ago. The Japanese Heavy line stopped with the "derp" guns after a certain tier. The O-I had a 900 damage derp gun like the KV-2, but better armor. Tanks beyond that didn't improve, which is why people stopped at the O-I. (I did that too.) Wargaming wanted people to play the Japanese heavy line all the way to tier 10, and recognized that the lack of derp guns and the fact that they stopped were the reason people weren't, so they gave high HE damage derp guns to the rest of the line all the way up to tier 10, and buffed the armor, which is why I put forth the time and effort to buy the Type 5. Now they want to nerf it? I don't like that! The addition of the "new" 1100 damage derp gun and armor buff (at the time) was specifically why I bought the thing. I wanted a tank with a turret with decent armor that did reasonable automatic HE splash damage (a derp gun) every time it hits without having to worry about weak spots. If you take that away, you take away the reason a ton of people bought the Type 5 in the first place, thus wasting their effort retroactively.


1100 damage down to 900 damage isn't a small change either. That is a pretty big deal, especially for HE, because the armor thickness at tier 10 makes it such that, often times, depending on what you are firing at, doing something like a base of 640 HE damage, being reduced to 0-70 damage actually dealt isn't even worth the time it took to load the round, which is why IS-7 drivers generally don't fire HE at you as a first choice unless it is some kind of special circumstance. If you have a Sheridan or a T49, you'll know that 910 damage at tier 10 sometimes results in 0 damage dealt even if you hit the enemy depending on where you hit. 900 HE damage as a primary armament for a heavy tank isn't enough at tier 10.


Suppose they did a nerf like this to a premium tank that people actually paid money for. Wargaming KNOWS that doesn't go over well, but they think it is ok to do it to a tank that people played many hours for? What if the person payed gold to covert experience for the thing? Paying gold to convert the experience to buy a tier 10 costs more than a premium tank costs. Now you nerf their tank? Why would you think that would go over well?


This is like buying a car from a car company, then a year after you buy it, the car company decides that the car they sold you was too good, breaks into your garage, and beats the heck out of your car with sledge hammers. That wouldn't be legal in real life. Of course since we all signed a contract to play, it IS legal in WOT, but that doesn't make it right. It also doesn't mean I am going be motivated to keep playing/paying if it goes live though. By the way... I am a whale. (I've spent over $1000 for whatever that's worth.) Please don't nerf my tank. I played on the test server. It hurts a lot. The tank already heavily relies on doing consistent damage to get a decent damage score at the end of the battle if you don't fire premium HE because it already doesn't do high alpha after the damage reduction is applied due to not penetrating because it fires HE rounds that almost never penetrate, and that gun literally can't fire AP at all.


If you do decide to go through with the nerfs/changes as they are, please give me the option to get my XP and money back from it for the whole line as free XP, because I won't want the thing anymore. THAT would let you nerf it AND keep me as a player IF you give me the resources back from it if you nerf it. I like the thing I earned. If you decide to weaken it, giving us the opportunity to make a different choice makes perfect sense. I think that is only fair. It is ok to nerf it. Just please be fair about it to the people who already have one in the way you do it. Wargaming was the ones who buffed the Type 5, gave it that gun, armor and then left it that way for a long time in the first place. You can't blame people for getting one when Wargaming encouraged it.


As far as arty... Yeah arty gets a nerf. I have an arty, but who cares about arty? Arty is irritating. I will accept my tier 10 arty being nerfed into the ground or removed from the game entirely if it means I never have to deal with another arty. The only reason I play arty is because I hated it so much when it was played against me.

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xeldon333 #64 Posted Apr 23 2019 - 21:44


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Stop Nerf STB1 !!!  Penetration of standard shell is a joke (-16mm). No one will level up this tank never. 


I lost my time and money raise the crew x4 perks. back my money STA premium.

Vyraall #65 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 11:43

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View Postxeldon333, on Apr 23 2019 - 15:44, said:


Stop Nerf STB1 !!!  Penetration of standard shell is a joke (-16mm). No one will level up this tank never. 


I lost my time and money raise the crew x4 perks. back my money STA premium.


you do realize that all they did was make it lose more pen at long distance right? it says it is losing 16mm of pen at 500m not at 100m.

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