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I don't like how sniper zoom works, someone help plz


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Bo55Hog #1 Posted Apr 12 2019 - 01:39


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I don't like the way zooming in sniper mode zooms in, like 2,4,8 and what ever comes after. So my question is this, how do I change that?

is there a mod for that? or can I just go into a file and change the numbers my self. I've looked everywhere online about this and I don't want to do anything illegal.

But I really need to change it, I'm in a game and by the time I get to a desired zoom level using the mouse wheel I've been shot and missed my shot! is too slow. there are way too many 

zoom levels. So does anyone have the same issue and how do you go about changing this. thanks

heavymetal1967 #2 Posted Apr 12 2019 - 01:50


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OP go to settings then controls and adjust your mouse sensitivity for sniper view.  Also there's one for other aim settings too.

SynfulSun #3 Posted Apr 12 2019 - 01:58


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I think there's a setting that sets the cap to x8, it should be in the first page you get when you go into Settings I think.

_Hector__ #4 Posted Apr 12 2019 - 02:12


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Press shift

omi5cron #5 Posted Apr 12 2019 - 11:33


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i use a zoom-in mod,found in aslains.you can pick the default start zoom(x8,x2,etc) and you can have different zoom-in high-ends( i have mine set VERY high  x60 )...this will NOT help at ALL with shot accuracy,but it sure helps with my poor eyesight. trying to see where that aimpoint is on a very distant target is hard for me,but bringing that distant tank to "up close and personal" is very helpful.

the available increments of zoom are different between the choices also.


if you look in aslains mod pack while installing,its about 40% down on the list,under the PMOD section.


there is LOTS of stuff in that modpack,but you can pick/check only the stuff you want.

Atragon #6 Posted Apr 12 2019 - 12:40


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There are 2 separate mods that give you increased zoom. Both let you change the numbers via a JSON file edit with note pad 2.


One is strictly enhanced zoom in and when you go in and out of snipe mode it keeps the sniper mode at the last setting you had.


The other is an enhanced zoom in and zoom out mode that lets you change the numbers but when you go in and out of sniper mode, the defualt sniper mode is always 8x. You can find the mods with a google search.


Clause was complaining about the zoom out enhanced mod being a bit too OP and possibly borderline cheating. But if you zoom way out in a city and go into sniper mode, your gun will be pointing in the air and can cause you to get destroyed faster.


I wish we could have a keystroke for the zoom in and out as an option to the scroll wheel. I would love to set a keystroke to sniper value 8x.




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