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Tanks Signs

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Mikako #1 Posted Apr 13 2019 - 23:38


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So I stumbled upon a certain twitter post and was fascinated by the traffic signs related to tanks.  I'm sure countries with a rich tank culture would ahve their own unique traffic signs and I wondered what tehy would look like and what they meant.  Below are the photos in the post and the author's original comments


Peter Norris' Twitter post:  https://twitter.com/...083822481387520


Speaking of tanks... there are lots of tank signs. This one says No Tanks, but most tankers read this as Tanks Go Here.


This one says “watch out for tanks!”


This one says “No Russian Tanks”, or at least that’s what the guy driving an Abrams down the road says.


This one says “watch out for fascinating experimental tank!”


Amphibious tank!


We are so terrible at reading the signs they made a special one just for us. “This is the road we should take!”

cavalry11 #2 Posted Apr 14 2019 - 01:19


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Good thanks for a laugh.

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