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hackers in tourney

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Hellsfog #41 Posted Apr 19 2019 - 15:20


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View PostBigBillyBear, on Apr 19 2019 - 02:14, said:


I dont think we are looking at it from the same views but I do agree if what you are saying is about judgement period... Yes even looking at stats you are put in a group of good/avg/bad players, even add great... Ive been in since closed beta and again the game changes after every major patch so its tough to master the game itself unless you are a gaming master and many are, nothing wrong with that... Im not a young man I have alot of nerve damage being in law enforcement and injured so my reactions are great etc but Ive always been a gamer since Commodore 64 and 128 and my first gaming system was Pong and it was the only one in a large neighborhood and very popular lol... Not sure if your talking about the new system they are adapting to make teams more equal etc in random games... If you dont enjoy the game then you should move on, but if you do and dont like a certain thing about it then by all means post away... Dont take anothers words like Im doing with yours not fully understanding where you are going with them and saying something about the game... Just speak up your own opinion as I have done... Yes the game is my favorite, I would imagine without looking your stats are awsome... However stats themselves dont always make the tanker once one gets into the thousands of games the percentages are harder to move up, so in turn your stats are harder to move up... yeah you can look at daily, weekly, monthly WN8 stats etc... I am not and would never insult you so I hope you dont think I am but yeah I do love the game and I didnt create the post so you dont have the facts... Im not the one saying that someone is cheating/hacking just saying its possible but so are glitches notice what I say carefully... I never agree that anything wrong is going on in game but I was a major player of battlefield 1942 and yes all that went on even when they start using punkbuster to stop the hacking/cheating etc... However this is a different time period and alot of things are possible and are not possible that once were... Just understand if I say I love the game its not agreeing its full of hacks and cheats... yeah some players have very much more hand eye coordination and I hope no nerve damage like I do... So for the record Im not saying anything wrong is going on, again havent looked at your stats but know your clan and know you must be a very talented player... So no judgement either way on the person who started the post but also on what I stated...  Being a team based game not Rambo a very great player can be taken out with proper gameplay regardless if your scores arent what they seem... Ive been up against 5 and me being the last alive and won the game, Ive killed 10 in one 15 per side game, yet I am limited at times depending on how my nerves are that day... Hope you understand again not an insult in anyway but also dont think you know my position I hold on what the original poster stated... Have a good one




You might want to edit this post cause it's unreadable and mildly reminiscent of the psychotic ramblings of a homeless person shouting at a lamp post. 

CantCarryYou #42 Posted Apr 19 2019 - 23:11


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View PostHellsfog, on Apr 19 2019 - 09:20, said:


You might want to edit this post cause it's unreadable and mildly reminiscent of the psychotic ramblings of a homeless person shouting at a lamp post. 


I can confirm this.  I saw one in DC today that said hello to me as we waited for a crossing signal then she proceeded to cuss violently at passing cars.  It was gloriously awkward.

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