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Wheeled Tanks after 1 month.

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jeb2 #21 Posted Apr 15 2019 - 17:09


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I did stop playing Frontline because of the wheelies.

RacWisco #22 Posted Apr 15 2019 - 17:28

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View Postjeb2, on Apr 15 2019 - 16:09, said:

I did stop playing Frontline because of the wheelies.



Waylandie #23 Posted Apr 15 2019 - 17:49


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The speed, accuracy and damage is all annoying but can be dealt with.  The part that makes me mad is the armor of these things, I either bounce or hit the wheel more times than not while shooting at them.  Having a 120mm or bigger shell only flatten a tire or bounce completely is beyond annoying. 

omi5cron #24 Posted Apr 15 2019 - 20:44


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i find hem highly annoying.i play mostly mobile tanks...means i am mostly moving. i see those guys,they ALSO are moving..a lot faster too.its hard to aim,lead and shoot at a superfast wheelie target because i drive in 3rd person mode.now i try to shoot ONLY when they are headed DIRECTLT toward me or away from me.


and lately, i have been setting up RAMbushing for those ...an ambush ready to ram them!!! RAMbush. if they have low viewrange,and im stealthed,i wait til they are about to proxy-light me,then go to intercept on a collision path! in the last few days i have actually gotten 3 in different matches. i end up highly damaged,but the fast spotlighter is dead.i kind of wished they were doled out evenly between teams,ie if 4 lights per team,wheelies numbers match. 1 and 1 ,3 and 3, etc.having an unequal wheelie distribution does seem to upset match flow.

commander42 #25 Posted Apr 15 2019 - 21:31


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they are still extremely annoying, and they are still OP.  I think its just the initial rush of people grinding them means less of the lower tier ones at least.

Zetar #26 Posted Apr 15 2019 - 21:47


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I think WG should just create a race track and let em run I thought this was World of Tanks not World of Race Cars.  I agree that they are a Type 59 (old) in disguise. Good for target practice and advanced class in leading. Let the kids have their fun till the nerf. 

_Tsavo_ #27 Posted Apr 15 2019 - 22:21


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I'm seeing less of them in pubs, as more players give up on them.   They aren't kind to an average player, the ones I see are either really bad or really good.   


I'm still a regular for playing them and find the FL-10 and EBR105 sublime. 

wayne_1313 #28 Posted Apr 15 2019 - 22:27


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I dont think the game engine can properly handle the speed they travel



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My_Name_Is_Nobody_ #29 Posted Apr 16 2019 - 16:50


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They're ridiculous. Simply put, just a credit nerf to any who play against them. Just play lower tiers and won't be such a waste of ammo shooting at them.

SporkBoy #30 Posted Apr 16 2019 - 17:01


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Still have never flipped one over. Weebles got nothing on wheelies!

Killed the tactics and strategy aspect of the game to fast twitch video arcade mode - completely changed the game.

First thing I do is check for any wheelies then load HE and kill them then got on with the game.

Pesky menace.

Trauglodyte #31 Posted Apr 16 2019 - 19:33


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View PostCopacetic, on Apr 15 2019 - 14:03, said:

Their tank curve still shows them OP.


They're NOT OP.  They're NOT broken.  People are slow, in adapting to them.  This keeps getting argued.  The Armored Cars aren't directly impacting the flow the game.  GREAT players can put up great damage numbers, in them, because they're great players.  Outside of that, all of the impact is through assistance damage which is only caused because they're driving around like idiots (which is only viable because the agility in the "rapid" mode is broken and NOT because of the straight line speed).  There isn't anything that an Armored Car can do that a Tracked Light can't do.  They just get an added layer of survival skills, through the agility combined with a higher than average but acceptable level of speed.


None of that is to say that adjustments don't need to be made.  But, they aren't directly breaking the game through any direct course of action.


View PostRabbitlover2017, on Apr 15 2019 - 14:21, said:

The biggest issue with them is on maps like malinkova where the spawn points are in near direct view of eachother, and wheeled lights will spot you 3 seconds into the round at which point heavy tanks are essentially sitting ducks to enemy fire until they can reach solid cover of the eastern hill.


Or is it western.... Nvm you know what I mean


Two things:


- Map designs are largely broken

- Nothing is keeping players from taking round about paths to their end point destinations; failure to do so and/or taking enemy team composition and map specifics is on you

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