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Lock up on Frontline load screen

Frontline bug

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Graywinter #1 Posted Apr 15 2019 - 19:29


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I've encountered a strange bug when I start to play Frontline.  I get to the loading screen after the queue and the normal load screen is superimposed with the "Choose a vehicle and front to fight on" screen you get after being destroyed.  I can hear the match going on, but cannot see chat except for platoon creation messages.  I hear the zone messages and the warnings and so on, but I cannot actually do anything.


If I move my mouse around, I see the sight line on the minimap rotate around as if my tank is turning, but nothing happens.  If I zoom in, I can zoom all the way into the world.


I have restarted multiple times, reset the router, checked everything there is to check.  Is anyone having this issue?


***EDIT***  Problem resolved by running the program repair function

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Projectile_Misfired #2 Posted Apr 15 2019 - 23:15


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+1 for updating your issue with a working solution.

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