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Blame ME for the Codes!


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__WarChild__ #1 Posted Apr 15 2019 - 22:55


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Howdy Tankers,


Wargaming NA staff read my posts very carefully and they generally follow every suggestion that I have if it doesn't conflict with Mother Russia's policies (3 arty per team, wheelies, etc.).  The insurance experiment, recent camo sales, increase in # of training discounts, Tier 8 sales for Front Lines, etc. just to name a few.  Sadly (for me), many of you do not like the fact that you have to enter codes to trigger most rewards/missions right now.  That was a direct result of me complaining about Tournament Missions appearing 100% of the time for 100% of my tanks and not specifying "Tournament Missions" in the name.  It just got too confusing and I hated it.  So, I made several posts and Wargaming employees read them all - then: the memos went out.  Meetings occurred.  And WG figured out how to make missions more of a U-Pick'em with the Codes to solve MY problems.

Personally, I love the Codes and don't mind having to enter them in order to trigger the Rewards/Missions.  So, if you don't like the lack of clutter for the extra effort, my apologies.


I AM TO BLAME!  :sceptic:









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RoyalGreenPC #2 Posted Apr 15 2019 - 23:04


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Good job, at least we get better On Track missions now..

StoveBolt54 #3 Posted Apr 16 2019 - 00:01


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That's Good "Craic"

bad_73 #4 Posted Apr 16 2019 - 00:02


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Actually it was me and yes,it was all about the tournament missions hogging mission page.

Goat_Rodeo #5 Posted Apr 16 2019 - 00:09


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Geez, thanks, I’m still trying to rewire my condo for the 3000 meters of invisible dog fence I got from that “click here for better WN8” link on the YOLO clan page you forwarded....

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