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Tiger 1 tactics and strategy

Tiger 1 tactics strategy

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View PostWho__invader, on Apr 16 2019 - 13:55, said:

It turns out im horrible with my tiger and I cant figure out what im doing wrong. a lot of videos complain about the armor because you have to angle it perfectly to get a bounce especially at close range. Ive been either sidescraping or tying to snipe from far away especially when im lower tier I almost feel like im a one or two shot. Any tiger 1 fans tell me how to play it. most youtube reviews for this one just trash it but then say if played properly its great. well what the hell properly? I was running gun rammer binocs and camo net. I think im gonna switch out the camo net for GLD. the thing is im not good at shooting on the move yet so that's why I like the binocs I get a lot of damage assist points and I can stop and look around every once in a while. I don't know about vertical stabilizer. Enough about me lets talk about you guys thanks.


Rammer, Vents, Laying Drive.  Sit back and snipe unless you are the sole top tier. You cannot brawl against other 7's or higher and expect to be anything other then a smoldering wreck 

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