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winrate is not a reflection of player skill

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dunniteowl #801 Posted Sep 08 2019 - 00:01


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View PostFilthywon, on Sep 07 2019 - 14:31, said:

I'll admit I have not read this whole thread,  so I don't know if this has been mentioned but... What about a player that has never been in an active clan, never platooned, the only thing the player has ever done is random battles. Also this player doesn't play lower tiers and seal club. That player would be at a disadvantage being a lone wolf though he does this of his own free will. This player also never signs up or plays any of the missions ever. <-- ( that is ridiculous, why would a player NOT sign up for missions and events that are free to participate in?  That is, in two words: In Sane).   This player is also older with no kids and had to learn the game on his own so his first 10 to 12 thousand games were a pure disaster. It's the first and only video game he has ever played  (also bullcrap as far as an excuse goes.  If you ever played pinball, a strategy game, watched pong or know how to play a sporting game, then you can get playing this game with at least a decent idea of what you are SUPPOSED to be doing withing the first 15 minutes and being real experience at OTHER video games does not a good WoT Player Make), just saying. 


Ooh! Ooh!  That's ME!  That's ME!  Not sure what your definition of Seal Clubbing is or what you consider "low tiers" so not sure, but I don't think I fit that description unless it's really terribly wide and inaccurate.


I also play on a Craptop ™ system that gets 11 fps on a rural wireless internet connection that usually sees me above 200ms (which, at my speeds, requires me to play slow casemate TDs or SPGs to be remotely useful).


I ALSO am a dedicated FTPP (Free To Play Pubbie), so I have had NO ADVANTAGES whatsoever in my gaming time here.  None that I didn't create, that is.  What did I 'create' when it comes down to it?  The attitude and patience necessary to decide to learn from my mistakes and recognize that they are exactly that: My Mistakes.  It's not the game, MM, RNG, Gold Rounds, Seal Clubbers, Platoons, Unicums, Excuse-du-moment or any other player cheating.  They are your mistakes.


So, I had no advantages.  I was and have been, I suppose, what you could call a 'lone wolf' in terms of playing.  I accept in match platoon invites and I have platooned with others I don't even know, (all of whom were at my skill level or close to it, either above or below it) maybe a dozen times in all my matches.  My first 6687 matches saw me at a very steady 48.23% WR.  I then decided that the game was harder than I gave it credit, took some time to do a little bit of research and then started playing again, applying the things I learned about the game to my play.


No one trained me beyond me reading some very excellent tutorials and guides.  And I didn't get any other instruction unless you count a couple of YT channels I swear by for clear and easy to follow instructions on how to do stuff in the game.  I didn't platoon with someone, didn't spend time with someone in a training room, played a wide array of units from LTs to SPGs and everything in between (when I had something better than this craptop I was playing worse than I do now).  I just applied what I learned from them to the games I played, taking it one or two steps at a time.


Was it hard to come up to 50.69% in all that time, playing mostly at or around 53%, slowly dragging my overalls up tiny bit by tiny bit?  Yeah.  It still is.


This game is never routine.  I play it against other people in the spirit in which it was intended: A "Sandlot" Tanks Game that is Team-Based with a clear objective to capture the base or destroy all opponents to win.


My craptop ™ aside, when I hit, "Battle!" I'm saying to the game and the other 29 people in the match, "I'm Ready to Play!"  At that point, I cannot blame my computer, nor can I really blame my team for 'letting me down' if it comes to that.  I can only say, "Well, that didn't work out too good, what can I do next time to make that better?"  It also helps that I pretend I'm playing on a real computer as I play. ;)


What was your point again?



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View PostJer1413, on Sep 07 2019 - 09:21, said:



The odds are exactly the same, the team just isn't as good once that weaker player is added.



The odds start with how many goods there are in 30 players and how many weaker ones.


The one sided matchups I've looked at for 3 years usually have around 4-6 top players on one side and a couple on the other.   Most top players is usually around 10 out of the 30.  


Want to guess how many "tomatoes and newbs" there is room for in the remainder of the 30 slots?  


The odds start with 10 and 20.     Those two numbers really are not the same, much less exactly the same.

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