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Tanks I would love to see skins for....

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CARDINALxCOPIA #1 Posted Apr 18 2019 - 02:12


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* One of my favorite TDs in the game: The Charioteer. I would like to see something that makes it look space-age like. Open to suggestions or input on it.

* Easily my favorite low tier machine: The Pz IV H. I would love to see this thing look like it could take apart an E100. Also open to suggestions and input.

* I would love to see any and all skins for the Defender as well. The one it has on it, is just plain blah.

* KV-2! I want it to just look as elegant as it is!!!!



Couple tanks I would LOVE gold skins for:

-Type-59 (Because, duh)


-Tetrarch (this thing deserves it! tier 2 can pen a Tiger I frontally with gold rounds!)


Can find me here or in-game if you have questions, but in-game will likely gain faster reply. Thanks in advance!!!

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JakeTheMystic #2 Posted Apr 18 2019 - 03:54


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mods already exist for this sort of thing. I wouldn't mind seeing it, but a lot of other people dont. 


I personally hated the 3D styles they gave out in the Christmas boxes. The only one that looked remotely good was the IS-7 and I didn't even bother with the rest. If we can turn on non-historical elements, at least make it something interesting. 


They better make a battleship skin for the TOG or so help me.. 

The_Iron_Bullet #3 Posted Apr 18 2019 - 04:08

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JLdragon #4 Posted May 26 2019 - 02:49

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IF you wish to paint the above tanks gold or any color, I would highly suggest you goto my tank exporter install and recolor guide found under discussion and download an offline copy so that you may do this yourself with your own touches of uniqueness.. I am leaving the game and removing ALL things that associate me with it, including ALL topics (my guides, tutorials etc..) This will happen 2morrow nite around 8pm EST..


GL to you and hope that whatever you create will be enjoyable in game..

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