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A sound bug?

130mm gun Obj 277 bug?

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Kutejikashi #1 Posted Apr 18 2019 - 06:16


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Well, at this time we all know that the Obj 277 carries a 130 mm gun, and I think it's like the one on the IS-7 but a bit inproved, but there's something that really triggers me a lot this days...

Why the gun on the Obj 277 sounds like a 122 mm gun? I mean, we all know that beautiful sound of the 130 mm and the 128 mm guns (the one on the german TD's and on some german Heavy tanks), that thing really triggers me a lot. I mean, I just want to hear that deep *boom* when I shoot that 130 mm beauty, do you guys think is kind of a bug? because I don't think the WG people wanted the gun sound like a generic 122mm.

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