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A Well Deserved Reward

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Grampy #1 Posted Apr 19 2019 - 06:34

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Got an email a little while ago that is apparently a duplicate of the reward that we were given a year ago.


Is this an error or what? Not sure what it means or what to think about it.
Anybody know anything?

Stevenwt #2 Posted Apr 19 2019 - 07:16

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Well double check that the Email actualy came from WOT, and dont click any links, some phishers will resend Emails like that that are fake,


JakeTheMystic #3 Posted Apr 19 2019 - 09:23


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It says on the page that you have until December 2019 to claim the reward, so maybe it's just a duplicate in case people didn't receive it previously? Any chance you have multiple accounts linked to your IP and it's sending you a reminder in case you didn't redeem it on your other account? 


I haven't noticed if I got one for my other accounts, but I don't read my emails from WG anyhow. 

Projectile_Misfired #4 Posted Apr 19 2019 - 15:35


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I got that email too but only for an alt account I had made. I wanted to check out the training new players experienced.

Since I haven't played on that account for almost a year, I guess I haven't "received" the anniversary awards. But, since that account was also made at the beginning of 2018, I don't think it's available for any of the goodies.

I'll probably get another one in another 6 months as it can be "claimed" through this entire year.

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