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Front Line Turning into an all out Free for All

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WhineMaker #41 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 00:02


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View PostGoat_Rodeo, on Apr 19 2019 - 11:45, said:


 Congrats! You’ve made my ignore preferences! 



sneakytails #42 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 01:23

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Fighting the wheeled vehicles in regular light tanks is pretty much pointless, but the problem is if you dont try to negate them they will have too much say in the game. Trying to passive spot a lane for approaching enemy tanks for your team?, forget it man, the clown cars will proxy spot you while spamming HE shells accurately while moving at insane speeds. You cant joust with them either, so you just have to leave your position with your tail between your legs. In Light vs Light tank combat they clearly are the anti-skill vehicle.


I dont think they were needed in this game, if your light tank has no decent HE rounds to counter the clown cars the mismatch is way over the top and favors the clown car too much.



CardboardJedi #43 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 02:29


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I just played a defense map the other night, the enemy killed 2.5 turrets then just stopped. Then for the next however long till the clock ran out everyone just happily farmed away 

10point1 #44 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 03:50


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After this week, I am done with front line..to frustrating with the total lack of team play, idiots are rewarded, its like socialism

Mojo_Riesing #45 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 04:40


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View PostGoat_Rodeo, on Apr 19 2019 - 11:45, said:


Because after all, I’m really here at the forum to solicit opinion of a dedicated head roller right?...

If you want to crap poast and gag on your own junk then power to you. Congrats! You’ve made my ignore preferences! 

...Now awaiting whitty rapier like comment with Blitz referral and selection of emoticon that I’ll never have the displeasure to see...


"...gag on your own junk..."  YIKEs...that's nasty!


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