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Garage tank models not loading correctly (minor glitch)

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bennyjw98 #1 Posted Apr 19 2019 - 23:03


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As simple as it sounds, tanks in my garage seem to not be loading the correct, how should I put it, "state" of certain parts of tank models, notably the tracks.
It loads in the model for broken tracks, not "normal" unbroken tracks. Once it loaded in a destroyed model of my tank despite it being fully repaired.

This glitch is fixed by simply selecting another vehicle and then going back to the vehicle you were originally looking at.
Nothing major or annoying to me, but just noting this bug as something that does occur occasionally.
Picture attached:
wot glitch broken tracks.JPG

__Worm__ #2 Posted Apr 19 2019 - 23:09


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I get the "glitch" sometimes loading back in garage like that where the model is fragmented but for me it like...... time lapse image completes itself. I don't have to switch tanks.



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