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FPS Drops Aiming Through Bushes. Fix?

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AimElement #1 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 04:46


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So I have been trying to use my camo to the best of my ability recently. I try to stay behind bushes to put it to the best use, and just shoot the red outline of a tank so that I am unspotted. But I noticed that when I aim behind a bush at a target and they are moving, my FPS drops so much and I can't keep up with them. This makes my Clan Wars play a little worse than it could be if I was able to play at full potential.


If anyone knows of anything that can help me "besides spending $1500 on a PC", or a setting that I can change, that would be greatly appreciated. FYI, I play on minimum, so I cannot lower my graphics. 




Devil__Anse #2 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 04:53

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I have the same issue...sometimes...it's weird

Red_Miles #3 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 05:10


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I've noticed this sometimes as well, but I wasn't sure whether it was an actual FPS drop, or simply the game engine 'stuttering' at drawing the outline of the tank through the bush.  The end result is that the tank's movements through the bush come out looking a bit like a slideshow, or a flipbook animation.  But it's not consistent, I can never tell when it'll happen.


Either way it's pretty distracting when it happens and can make following it as a target a lot harder at times.

Zanarkand_C #4 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 06:17

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My FPS is usually around 180FPS but around bushes sometimes not even in them just around them it'll drop to like 110FPS. That's a crazy drop what kind of special effect bushes are these.


SynfulSun #5 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 06:50


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I have the same happen to me too, it wasn't always like this, and it isn't just recent either. I just get the "just get a better PC lol" meme answer when I try to look into it.

omi5cron #6 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 10:24


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could this be due to the graphics settings you have right now? if you drop the settings values on some the sliders ,it may put less of a strain on the graphics card doing its rendering work.i dont have the game open right now...but for me,i drop the sliders on a lot of the "pretty" stuff to lessen workload on CPU and GPU.


maybe some of the "detail" settings? if you have a less powerful CPU trying to process the HD graphics, try lowering that kind of thing and try the game.there is the option to change the install to SD (standard definition) from HD 9high definition).the game itself will not look as "pretty" but the strain on the CPU/GPU is less.


when im in game later, i will look at the graphics settings and try to get back here with some possibilities for changes.


tl,dr- cant get better PC,lower graphics settings

omi5cron #7 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 11:32


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ok im in game right now.


i am in the "improved" graphics area.

graphics settings to try: the whole "vegetation" block of settings.i set BOTH sliders to lowest,and both checkboxes are unticked.

that is what i would THINK might be the biggest culprit? due to being in/near bush?


some other things i have set,to lower performance struggles...


lighting and post-processing block...shadows off,motion blur off,lighting/post-processing down one notch from highest

terrain and water...water at lowest setting terrain all at highest/ticked (terrain rendering important for shooting near objects if you dont want invisible terrain bumps getting in the way)

effects block...one notch down on each slider,all 3 boxes UN ticked

main block...all  four are maxed out


remember this is in "improved" graphics area.my hunch...and its only a hunch...is that the foliage processing for bushes when you are near/in them is too much for whatever PC parts are responsible for them.(CPU/GPU) (im not a computer wizard, so there is that)

start with just changing vegetation block settings,try that.if its better,you know you are on the right track.


if you still see no improvement,try some of the other things,altho those are a stretch.


worst case,try "standard" settings and then start lowering applicable settings in that.

i would think you are shooting for best possible overall performance and still keeping as much "pretty" as possible.


in my case,i shoot for best gameplay possible (the terrain stuff,vegetation stuff) and "pretty" comes a distant second.


frankly my system CAN handle ALL settings totally maxed and "pretty".thats how i have my EU account setup,so i know it has no problems with it.i just get easily DISTRACTED by the "pretty",so i purposefully lower graphics that do not hinder gameplay.


my system...


CPU Type    OctalCore AMD FX-9370, 4700 MHz (23.5 x 200)

GPU  Type  Radeon RX 580 Series (Powercolor Red Devil Golden)


FrozenKemp #8 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 11:53


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Are the bushes opaque or partly transparent to you? I think when they are partly transparent the time to do the rendering will be increased.


Not sure there is really a solution ALTHOUGH when they are semi-transparent is also when (IIRC) their camouflage value will become 0 when you fire. So if you can back up to where they are still opaque and track the target by outline you might get better results all around.


It will not take 1500 to buy a computer that can play WOT well, though. It should be much less.

dunniteowl #9 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 21:10


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You should play at 9-11 fps like I do -- you won't notice any real difference.   :D    ;)


It can be a real pain learning to track an opponent with kinetoscope frame rates.  However if it is relatively regular and steady, you can adjust to it over time.



Hang in there and do your best to mentally shift your aiming lead as it occurs.



Trebor1415 #10 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 05:23


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I have the same problem. I've adjusted my settings several times to no help. I just live with it now

FastForward7 #11 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 05:27

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Aren't there mods to remove foliage? If that's not a legal mod, then ignore that suggestion, but if your graphics card isn't being forced to render the bushes, you shouldn't have a frame rate issue.

tanopasman62 #12 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 05:56


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View PostFastForward7, on Apr 21 2019 - 05:27, said:

Aren't there mods to remove foliage? If that's not a legal mod, then ignore that suggestion, but if your graphics card isn't being forced to render the bushes, you shouldn't have a frame rate issue.


Tundra does that, and it's illegal.


Well I always blamed my potato PC for this problem, can't fully use bushes without my FPS derping away.

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