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please bring back capture the flag game

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cheapbooks #1 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 06:17


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one of the best games I ever played with WOT was the capture the flag game


it was fast paced, action packed, fun to play, and best of all, everyone bonded and enjoyed playing between both teams. unlike random battles with toxic chat, enemy teams in the capture the flag game laughed every time someone jumped off a cliff or caught the flag or died right next to the cap, etc. it was the most fun I ever had.


you would see someone get the flag run across the map and just as he gets to the cap he dies. so many last minute clutch plays and everyone always complimented failure and success


wish i had replays.

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SwollenOstrich #2 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 06:46


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Clearly, it was a lovely mode and very successful, and well loved by everyone, which is why it is still available today. ;)

JakeTheMystic #3 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 06:52


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Are you talking about Domination mode?


Hardly anyone enjoyed that mode for 2 reasons;

1.) The credit income was poor to non-existent, even with the rental tanks you used you get nothing from it. 

2.) Everyone was rigging missions to get the T-22 medium. You could rarely find a legitimate match and in the chances to did find one, people would just leave and try to queue in with people rigging. 


The mode was completely flawed from the start because they had a tier 10 reward tank involved. Only people with tier 10s could really get the T-22 in the first place, but everyone was cheating to try and get the tank. This is the only real time I've truly despised WG devs on the NA because of how they reacted to the cheaters.


On the RU, the accused was banned for 7 days AND their ability to get a T-22 was revoked, if they had earned the T-22 and were helping others cheat, their T-22 was taken away and they were also publicly shamed on the forums (name and shame).


On the NA, players caught cheating were given a 7 day ban but they could continue their grind rigging to the T-22 and get their free tier 10. Nobody was permanently banned from this and cheaters got to keep their tanks. Anyone with a T-22 on the NA (with the exception of one person who I can think of, who was a community contributor at the time) pretty much cheated to complete 1 if not more missions. 


I honestly despise the mode and anything like it. WG should have enforced the rules but they never seem to do so unless it involves name and shame on the forums. The T-22 should be brought back as another reward tank so players could actually earn one, whether its a clan wars variation or a tank purchasable with bonds, I want one. 


CTF is typically boring in any game. People who camp the flag while others suicide one at a time into the camping enemies. Not something I would want back for sure. 

liamcraig1245 #4 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 08:07

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Honestly rigging those t-22 missions were harder than you might think and there was a whole operation to get hundreds of those for lots of clans. There was no legitimate way to get the tank. Some of the missions themselves were even hard to rig with two full teams of people cooperating. It's not like you would've ever found a match if the rigging hadn't been going on. As always, people will find ways to work within the flawed system and this was just another example. Should WG have been harder on people rigging? I think that's debateable given the tank was impossible to get otherwise and anyone could easily rig it. But, what's not debateable is that there should have been a viable way for people to get these tanks legitimately without having to rig.

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