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frontline suggestions

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cheapbooks #1 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 06:23


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give more exp or prestige for these actions:


- get more prestige if you damage enemy tank near the cap or near a turret. the further he is away, the less prestige. this incentivizes protecting the cap and objects.


- get more prestige for hitting a sniper whose gun is aimed at a tank on cap/turret, or who recently fired at one


- get prestige bonus if you push an attacker off the cap


- get prestige bonus if you destroy a turret all by yourself


- get a prestige penalty if you damage a tank that spawned within 5 seconds or so.



PAP0 #2 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 06:31


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Or just have WG fix it so where it says you should spawn is where you actually spawn.

Zanarkand_C #3 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 06:52

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I think it would be cool if the repair areas where actually little playable trucks. Limit 2 per column and give them attributes like arty, no armor low HP. But you can get XP by helping your team. This way they can also be in more convenient areas of the battle too.

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PotatoLegend99 #4 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 06:58

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You already do get bonus xp/ rank points (you've been using the word "prestige" incorrectly. you earn rank points to level through tiers and at 30 tiers you can prestige. it's confusing for sure) for damaging/killing tanks that are within 150m of the cap circles/turrets. There's even a service record emblem you can earn for those actions.


The current system for earning XP and rank points in FL is fine as is.


It's very easy to get captain, major, or general rank (50, 100, 200% bonus to xp at the end of battle). Either farm 12k combined dmg over a 20-30 minute battle ( 600-400 damage per minute) or get 250 base cap/ base reset points to reach General Rank. It's half the effort to reach captain. The trick is to getting General is to run Engineering, Airstrike, and Inspire in that order of importance based on slot availability. Drop airstrikes only on capping tanks and only when 2 or more are capping next to each other. Caps A, E, and F always have groups of tanks capping next to each other.

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RHeadshot #5 Posted Apr 20 2019 - 13:08


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It's a bad game mode.


Well, it's really not even a GAME mode given there is absolutely no point to winning.

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