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The Death of Arty.. Is everyone Happy Now?

arty nerf Common test

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Bavor #41 Posted May 17 2019 - 17:37


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View PostWrath_Of_Conn, on Apr 22 2019 - 21:17, said:

Leave us something!  Lol


Leave the M44 alone so you can be cancerous to new players in tier 5 and 6 and make them leave the game?  Yea good idea, especially with the player numbers dropping.

Wrath_Of_Conn #42 Posted May 24 2019 - 01:48


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The numbers aren't dropping just because of arty... please.... that's just silly.  Go look at the lower tiers and count the arty and non-arty seal clubbers.  Look at the perks to premium players.  The Free to Play newcomers get hammered by more than arty.

Shadowcat20 #43 Posted Jun 18 2019 - 07:35

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Arty ain't broke, it is just the bane of campers and peek a boomers who sit in one spot and snipe. Tanks have tracks for a reason, so they can MOVE. I love all the people who quote historical stats though. A Track hit is a M-Kill period, the tank is meat for infantry and useless except as a pillbox. No instant toolkit repairs or 10 second fixes. This game lost all claim to historical accuracy years ago when they started tweaking armor and stats to fit their tier platform. . Try explaining why a Tiger 1 tier 7 has more HP then a teir 6 Tiger 131 of the Jap tier 6 Tiger I. Same tanks, same armor, should be same HP, and same guns. Also explain how 2 tanks can have the same gun but one has more pen or does more damage when they use the same shell. Same with reload times or accuracy for said same guns. Stats have been tweaked so much the last few years ANY claim to historical accuracy or real life are absurd so just enjoy the game it is. It stopped being a tank simulator wargame and just became a video computer game years ago. Also add in that a huge number of the tanks we play were either paper only or never finished so they have no real idea how they would work once built and are flat out guessing on things like speed and reliability.  Some had issues that were never fixed or deal breaking flaws that just vanished when they hit this game.


As for the numbers thing, a lot of older players like me have older computers that just flat out can not handle the new graphics. Rather then spending a lot of money on a new computer to just play a game they stopped playing. Add in the cheat mods, power players, and OP tier 8 tanks every kid buys in the first week so they can play with the big boys and low tiers are gone. I used to enjoy playing tier 1 -3 with my gift tanks I had gotten. Now it is difficult to get more then 10 players per side at tier 1 or 2. No missions for the low tiers, and everyone jumps to tier 5 and higher right away. Matter of fact there is a unwritten rule that after a few hundred games you should not be allowed to play low tiers, and it is brought up all the time on You Tube channels. The push for super computer graphics, gold gobbling high tier special tanks, and spamming gold ammo has very much turned this into a pay to play game...At the cost of many older or casual players. This is starting to show up and sooner or later the Flash before content upgrades are just going to fail to keep people interested. Still enjoy the game, and play when I can (waiting for a fix to the current "upgrade" so I can play again) but no longer run Prem accounts every month because the game just flat out is too broke and slow to drop money on anymore, Seems I ain't the only one doing that

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