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Are consumables profitable?

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dunniteowl #21 Posted Apr 23 2019 - 14:24


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As I mentioned I don't Purchase Food Consumables, I would like to provide a Snapshot, as it were, of the Food I have currently in my Depot:

Bread with Smalec             : 20

Buchty                                : 17

Case of Cola                      : 56

Chocolate                          : 56

Coffee w/Cinnamon Buns : 77

Extra Combat Rations       : 25

Improved Combat Rations: 72

Onigiri                               : 46 

Pudding & Tea                  : 100

Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce  : 21

Strong Coffee                   :67



Those are my Food Consumables.  I have used Chocolate on my Grille a few times and also on my Leopard (T5 DE LT) to improve their chances.  Found out on the Grille it helped a bit.  On the Leopard?  Let's just say the Operator needs more than food to do well in it.


I haven't run food on any other units.  I did sell a lot of Onigiri, Buchty and Bread w/Smalec in earlier days.  Now?  I'm stockpiling for the Zombie Apocalypse.  :)






TankFullOfBourbon #22 Posted Apr 23 2019 - 14:44


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View PostWho__invader, on Apr 21 2019 - 01:52, said:

Hey spending $10,000 a silver a game seems ridiculous for a small percentage of crew skills and really would affect your bottom line if you had a good game and would basically break you if you had a bad one. I don't see why anyone would use chocolate or Coca-Cola or tea or whatever unless they were trying to get an edge in complete a certain Mission or something but who could afford to run this regularly? I will stop power comes on in my Depot but I'm afraid to use it cuz I'm like I'm going to waste 10000 silver I'm going to waste a bunch of games just because for what I don't know. I really like Klaus fix limits to me.


I don't use performance consumables like Coca-Cola or Buchty unless I need to boost a crew for a tourny or specific game/mission, but with premium acct and a reasonable performance I could afford the 20k consumable cost up to tier 9 on regular tanks if I wanted to. I just wouldn't make much profit and I don't see the boost worth the cost for regular games.


I would be fine if WG removed these but I really don't have a problem with them being there. What may irritate me are the directives that can only be bought by Bonds and that enhance equipment and crew skills more. But again, it's not something that tears my skull open.


Now, that FL reticle bug though...

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