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What is the deal with XVM? Should it be banned?

Mods XVM

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Should XVM be banned?

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  3. *sip* Quake was a good game. (5 votes [4.39%])

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Pipinghot #21 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 09:21


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View PostFluttershy, on Apr 20 2019 - 22:56, said:

A simple thread with a simple question

Rather than linking to someone else's thread talking about the Q&A articles, you should have just linked the Q&A directly.


XVM is not "going to be having a hard time sometime this year", they are not planning on blocking it, there is more to XVM than simply showing names & stats. And on the topic of showing names and stats even Wargaming doesn't know whether they're going to block them, they're going to "release a certain version" and "can't confirm that it's going to be final". They're testing and experimenting, that's not even close to being the same thing as XVM "having a hard time."


  • The mod that allows players to see your nickname and stats – We have a concept for fixing it. One variant here is similar to the Fog of War on the Global Map. However, we need to study the aftermath of the case when all players choose to anonymize their name and stats. We’ll be working on it and release a certain version of the solution this year. We can’t confirm that it’s going to be final.
  • We aren’t planning to block XVM.




Panzerwoody #22 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 12:27


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It might be worth pointing out that without XVM top clans players will still be targeted due to the overall skill level they possess. Unless they block clan tags targeting will just shift. Maybe not a popular thing to say, but the truth is the truth.

crasta #23 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 12:38

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View Post62bish, on Apr 21 2019 - 05:27, said:

Seal clubbers just want to be able to club incognito. 


They are going to club anyway. I do not see your point. I clearly  see a couple of dozen valid  points to removing mods from the game however.

ATruk #24 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 13:53


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I don’t understand the “massive advantage” part. Please explain further. 

LeaveIT2Beaver #25 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 14:01


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The amount of Zoom out in the vanilla client can be really really useful :trollface:

Insanefriend #26 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 14:06


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View PostFluttershy, on Apr 20 2019 - 21:56, said:

I used to wonder, "how come that guy knew exactly which way to look when I was coming around this short really tight corner? He didn't even have to turn his turret around?" It was because he zoomed his camera so far out he was watching exactly where I was moving the whole time, from the other side of the building.


I also used to wonder, "how come that person refused to help me in this situation when in other times similar people would?" Because my rating is bad, helping me is a waste of time apparently. Oh here's a kicker; how come some arty for some reason always know exactly the best person to target, hmmm I wonder how they know how to target the 'most skilled' person on the enemy team every single time.


I don't use Xvm and really don't think it helps people get any better at the game.  But both of the cases you mentioned are things that people do without Xvm. 


Like keeping your turret pointed towards to corner your going around is pretty standard.  You can also watch the mini map and predict which way people are going to go and pre-aim in that direction.  Also after you've played thousands of battles you get pretty good at guessing where people will get spotted at and just pre-aim at those spots.


As for people helping vs not helping, it's always been hit or miss.  First you need a teammate that thinks like you do and reads the situation in a way close enough to you to react to it in the same way.  In the case like you mentioned, the situations may have looked similar but there may have been some kind of information you hadn't seen that the other guy did or you see but they don't.  Even if they see the same information, they may think differently and make a different play.  You'll rarely get team play in a random battle with random people that need to type to communicate.  If you want reliable team play find a platoon buddy and get on Discord, it works trust me.


On that note if you have any questions or want to platoon let me know.

xXTheGameAceXx #27 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 14:53

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View PostFluttershy, on Apr 20 2019 - 22:56, said:


Oh here's a kicker; how come some arty for some reason always know exactly the best person to target, hmmm I wonder how they know how to target the 'most skilled' person on the enemy team every single time.


I'll be honest this is something I've always wondered. Sometimes I've attributed it to being the only readily available target, or artillery being greedy trying to hit something squishy. Do wonder though if this explains why I'm targeted at times when there are seemingly far more important (and often easier) targets for them to go after.

1919Eternal #28 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 16:02

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I played for a long time with no XVM until I joined a clan and they convinced me to get it.  Took me a while to get it set up to my liking but now I don't think I would want to play without it so my vote is to keep XVM.  I don't think I would continue playing without it. 

SargeanTravis #29 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 17:02

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XVM is just a stat website you don't need to google to be able to view in game.


I don't use it, I don't have a positive nor negative use for it, though it pisses me off when someone who does use it gets toxic in the chat about it.


I mean, really, thanks for telling me that I suck even though I know that. Totally impacts the game for me to do better. NOT

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Exiledcrow #30 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 17:51


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Why should it be banned? Good players who use it will still be good, the crap players that use it will still be crap.

Rimrender #31 Posted Apr 21 2019 - 21:43


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Quake 3 Arena was awesome.

I use xvm specifically for the shot tracking and garage add-ons, if WG adds those I'll be happy and could care less about colored player names, etc.

xneonx25 #32 Posted May 12 2019 - 18:27


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It changes the way the game is played. There isn't another mod out there with as sweeping impacts as xvm. IMO anything that has that significant an impact on the game should be removed.

Superheavy_Metal #33 Posted May 12 2019 - 19:07


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I Dont see how XVM is a problem. If your good enough to get "stat Sniped" shouldnt you always be playing so you take less damage? I mean you do win more games.... 


how about banning negative comments in Game Chat especailly from dead players who got 1300 dmg cause they yolod to enemy arty i the first 2 minutes then proceed to complain as your team works together and wins the game. Just to find out he threw the game as a purple player cause he saw some colors on xvm 


also doesnt the like colored ribbons in the hud tell you which players have a certain wr anyway the little symbols by their tank and gamertag

Filthywon #34 Posted May 12 2019 - 19:18


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Just yesterday we had a top-tier arty see our chances to win we're not good with XVM on El halluf and said f  this during the pre battle count down and drown himself 30 seconds into the game. It's hard enough to win without players giving up or suiciding without even trying. That's aggravating s**t. 

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Savage__Apples #35 Posted May 12 2019 - 19:47

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View PostTolos, on Apr 20 2019 - 23:53, said:

XVM isn't the problem and never has been, player attitudes are. 


And the truth shall set us free!


But then again you can lead a horse to water but can not make them drink.

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