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Frontline excel spreadsheet and some random rambling

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SargeanTravis #21 Posted May 12 2019 - 04:31

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I only play for credits and Free XP.


I don't have any T7's in my garage besides the T-44 FL, which there's far better tanks that I could be driving than this one, so any thoughts about getting anything decent through Prestiging is out the window for me at the moment, at least until I get a second T8 tank

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Jryder #22 Posted May 12 2019 - 21:34


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"However, there is one good thing in that! EBR's can melt Skorpions and Progettos, maybe we will see less of them next episode?"


I don't find Skorpians to be any particularly problematic vehicle. I see more of the Russian Skorpians in FL along with all manner of annoying TD's-none of which break the game.


As for the Progetto, considering how some players go on and on about their "OP'ness", one would expect more of them in game, but they aren't especially numerous. In addition, you don't see swarms of Progetto's spawning and not only turning back an attack but driving it back deep into the previous sector. You don't see Progetto's flying around deep behind the battle line spawn camping. And, you certainly don't see Progetto's zooming all around and amongst enemy tanks during a heated firefight, shooting whatever they want with impunity. Those attributes belong solely to the rolling Cancer known as "Wheelies"..


I would gladly accept teams of 50% Skorpians/50% Progetto's over ANY wheelies, all day every day.


Strategies for gaining rank via Wheelies don't really apply to actual tankers. I own nothing but Mediums and a TD in T8, so ranking for players like me is somewhat more difficult. I have to worry about actually being hit and tracked/damaged by most tanks...

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