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So people have been complaining

EBR FL much fun

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Goat_Rodeo #21 Posted Apr 23 2019 - 02:54


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View Postkapri25, on Apr 22 2019 - 20:12, said:

I circled jerked an E25 in my Hotchkiss (tier 7) wheelie and the guy was not able to move, let alone turn, to engage me. Even though may have been fun for me, how is it fair, or fun, to the guy in the E25 when they do not even have a chance to defend themselves at all? There is not a turret in game that can keep up with a fully functional wheelie. Aiming requires even more skill than normal...some may not have issues but a vast majority of the player base can't do it. Love driving them around but, in the end, these tanks are hurting the game for those of lesser skill. It's like throwing the Pz II J in a match and expecting the team facing it to win.


I had an E25 premium ammo my O-Ni to death not too long ago and he was never spotted. Can I get my O-Ni buffed to be impenetrable? Of course not. My O-Ni was in a bad way late game and was lower in the food chain. It happens. 

Pepino1976 #22 Posted Apr 23 2019 - 03:30


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View PostGothraul, on Apr 22 2019 - 09:59, said:



Reminds me of times watching Initial D and listening to Eurobeat, especially Dave Rogers.


ArmorStorm #23 Posted Apr 23 2019 - 03:38


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View PostSargeanTravis, on Apr 22 2019 - 12:24, said:


When people complain about wheelies but forget about the speed demons like the Cromwell, Luchs, and French Light tanks that aren't wheelies



The original T-50-2...

SparkyGT #24 Posted Apr 23 2019 - 17:20


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the autoaim on them is way too much, i remember how many people got permabanned before using this type of autoaim and lost their accounts.

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