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Panther 88

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F1O1 #1 Posted Apr 23 2019 - 17:04


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l have always thought of panther 88 as mediocre. Not too bad, but nowhere near good because fat medium tanks are a bad idea to start with. The thing that once kept the tank afloat for me, was the high DPM for a medium tank. But with releases like T26E5, Lansen, buffs to T-44-100, buffs to FCM50  -  Panther 88 DPM doesn't seem to hold up anymore, and the tank has become quite lackluster and collects dust. Frontline and SH, maybe. But not a pub tank, definite no. 


Since a great number of tier 8 premium tanks were recently rebalanced, namely Jag Tiger 88, lS6, WZ111, 112, FCM50, T-34-3, Type 59, STA2, FV4202, Patton-59.....would it be fair to say Panther 88 could use some touching up?


My ideas are increase side armour to 60mm from 50mm. Up-armour commander cupola to 75mm like Schmulturm, from 60mm. 

Increase rate of fire to 8.96rd/min, like Tiger ll using the L71 88mm. So it can match tanks like FCM50T

Decrease aim-time to 2.3 seconds, allow it to share Jag Tiger unique L71  88mm 212mm pen AP

Decrease the engine weight to 1,000kg to gain HP/T and maneuverability. 






Panzer254 #2 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 03:43


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YA the  Panther 88 need's some buffing up/.

TrevorsT112 #3 Posted Apr 25 2019 - 12:45

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If your listening WG, the dude has a point.

sleeper_agent #4 Posted Apr 25 2019 - 13:48


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Very well written argument for a much needed buff to this tank. 


When I hit battle using the panther 88, I pray for being bottom tier because it is a sore disappointment when opposing any another top tier 8 med. There is a dependance on top tiers to lead in their role. The panther 88 is not capable in it's current state.

HerrFaul #5 Posted May 11 2019 - 18:45


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Googled this tank looking for confirmation that it was preferential matchmaking and found it! didn't realize until after I'd bought it for a friend and we got into a Tier 10 game that the forum i'd found was for xbox. Apparently they deem this tank PMM for Xbox, but not on PC. That doesn't make any sense. This tank NEEDS PMM or the buff you outlined. Good post, wish this had more attention.

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