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Leopard 1 Power/Weight Ratio Changes

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RickEdwards #41 Posted Apr 27 2019 - 16:52

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View PostAvalon304, on Apr 27 2019 - 05:22, said:


The 1A1A1 only added 20mm of spaced armor to the turret, which wouldnt change much about the current Leopard, certainly wouldnt turn it into the "Leopard AX" with a turret capable of reliably sitting hull down on a ridge. You'd still get easily penned by tier 9 and 10 tanks with ease. And the sideskirts were like 5mm thick, so even they wouldnt be super relevant. The tank would still rely on troll bounces to actually bounce a shell.


None of the Leopard variants had what would be considered good armor in this game. The Leopard 1 was from a time when the general thoughts on tank development were "forget armor, give me speed and a good gun" because high penetration HEAT and APDS rounds could penetrate just about anything at the time. Anyone suggesting armor buffs for the Leopard 1 doesnt understand the Leopard 1.


If you want armor, play a different tank, the Leopard has never been about armor in this game. Nor should it be, otherwise youre just turning it into a clone of another tank.


Well, the benefit to the spaced armor would certainly make it harder to HE pen, but you're basically right; no one who plays the Leopard 1 cares about its armor. That isn't the point of a Leopard 1. The point is that it is supposed to be fast and accurate and fairly sneaky, which it is for the most part. The problem now is that WG has added tanks that are also like that, but do it better, like the STRV, which has roughly double the camo, is more accurate, and has 40 mm or so more pen for literally no reason and more DPM by a lot. The only advantage the Leopard has over the STRV is that it has a turret, which is not actually that useful for a second line support tank. These changes are in a good direction, but they are not enough; if anything, they should be increasing the power/weight ratio instead of decreasing it and actually buffing the DPM by a not insignificant amount, like maybe a 6.75 rpm with the 420 alpha (2,835 DPM) instead of the 6.5 (2,730 DPM; it is 2,691 on live ATM for comparison) they plan to have it at, and then bring its camo up to around 35% max instead of the barely 30% it is at now. Give people an actual reason to play a non-autoloading tank with literally no armor.

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facefull #42 Posted May 12 2019 - 17:59


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Believe it or not, if I was told my actual life depended on the next win I'd pick the leopard. I range between 55% to 57% in it and really would be higher if it wasnt so dam fun to screw around in. You just can't play it like a medium, it's not a weak tank though in terms of ability . As far as the changes go I have mixed feelings on it. More alpha will be nice for its play style. It's not a slow tank by any means and it's traverse is overkill fast. So it might not notice a slight power nurf, it all depends on how much. All is all this is typical of wargamming, they have a good idea in amplifying what the tank does well but their hate for sniping seems to get in the way of perfection.

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