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Need Help Please! Any recommended last long Convertible Gaming Laptop?

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Death_Racker #1 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 10:19


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Hello! I know quite a bit about PC's but not much about laptops and really need your guys' help! My cousin wanted to buy a new laptop, expecting to pay around ~$700 CAD before taxes. He would like a laptop that can turn into a tablet / fold over and should last a long time. Is this realistic? Do these kinds of laptops last a long time, are they worth it?

Michelin2433 #2 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 10:24


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idk about realistic, not sure these are a real thing

PTwr #3 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 11:53


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"Gaming laptop" already streches both terms, "Convertible gaming laptop" for now belongs to SciFi. You'd probably save money by getting budget PC and separate tablet. 

Devildog8 #4 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 12:37


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Samsung NoteBook 9 pro is the best on the market currently, but its about $1000 USD currently and they have the ACER Predator 900 but that has nice $3500 USD price tag, so for a $700 budget I wouldnt expect much

The_Illusive_Man #5 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 13:26


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For that budget? No. You wont get anything that will last long (unless you are really careful with it). 


Also, gaming and laptop shouldnt be in the same sentence. Same with a tablet/ laptop. 


As for laptops that convert to tablets? Yes, the exist. And they can be cheap. But they are also no going to last long, unless you pay an outrageous price. Just build a custom PC instead, unless you really need a laptop, then buy a normal laptop.

riversteel #6 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 13:27

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Samsung NoteBook 9 pro.

_Tsavo_ #7 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 13:49


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View PostDeath_Racker, on Apr 24 2019 - 04:19, said:

Hello! I know quite a bit about PC's but not much about laptops and really need your guys' help! My cousin wanted to buy a new laptop, expecting to pay around ~$700 CAD before taxes. He would like a laptop that can turn into a tablet / fold over and should last a long time. Is this realistic? Do these kinds of laptops last a long time, are they worth it?


$700 CAD comes to about $540 USD, and laptops in that budget aren't great.


At this price point you can focus on 2 of your factors, you can either look for GPU prowess for gaming or fold-over capability.  You'll not find both in the same package at that price point unless you find a generation or two old refurb unit and most fold/convertible/tablet laptops, even "high end" ones, have budget GPUs and most of them will be either AMD APUs or Intel based machines with some bland intel graphics.  They'll "play" games at lower resolutions and settings and still only get meager results.


Looking through Newegg in the 2-in-1 (includes foldables, tablets with detaching keyboards, and flipping models) and limiting selection to 750 or less in USD leaves a lot to be desired in terms of performance.  There are great options for web browsing, netflix, office work, etc but none of them have much GPU prowess with the most powerful nvidia options being the GeForce MX130, which is basically a rehashed 940M.  Neither will get playable framerates at 1080 and will still require settings to be at low/minimum for playable framerates at 720.  


I've kept my memory search at 8GB as I consider that entry level requirements, there are 4GB options but I do not recommend that and SSD based storage only.  While hard drives at this price point are larger, they're 5,400 RPM turds.  Just don't.  


After narrowing all of that down, there's 2 options:

https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834271140&ignorebbr=1  AMD APU, ho-hum graphics performance but rather solid everywhere else


https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834331607R&ignorebbr=1 Nvidia 940M, slightly better than ho-hum graphics, might have some settings turned on at 720, pretty decent everywhere else and an IPS 1080 panel to boot.


These are units on US newegg but you'll find similar machines in that price point.


Insanefriend #8 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 14:06


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The low end laptop market is kind of trash and hard to shop in.  You need to go up to $700 us before they stop putting crappy screens on laptops.


Not sure on how durable convertible laptops are but I assume it depends on how well you take care of them.  I've had cousins bring me laptops that look like they beat the crapout of them.  Where as I still have functioning laptops that are much older then the ones they bring me, still in better shape as well.


The question is what will your cousin use the device for?


If he wants to play games like world of tanks, he'd need to shell out around $1000 us for a decent system.


If he wants to play games FTL or other sprite based indy games you can get away with less.


Not sure if Canada has any deal sites like slickdeals, but check and keep an eye on those sites and you can find decent deals.  But you may need to wait till the right deal comes along.



dunniteowl #9 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 14:56


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At 700 CAD, you aren't going to fulfill your wishes.


It's pretty much that simple.  "Gaming Laptops," irrespective of the oxymoron it invokes are available, but they run up into the $1,000+ US range and you'd be looking at "specialty" providers like Alienware, which literally specializes in high powered laptops intended for gaming on the go by those with the cash to spare.  (Most of those types START at $1,400 and can run higher than $2,000 -- AND they are now DELL infected).


If you have to have mobility and tablet capability, then you are NOT going to find what you're looking for at that price while fulfilling the Long Lasting aspect of your wish list.  Durability will also come to mind in that Long Lasting wish.  Things that Last a Long Time either have to be Durable or Carefully Treated.  This means at 700 CAD, Carefully Treated will have to be Your Solution to Long Lasting.


IN this case, again, if you have to have a laptop, then this means a really decent and well protected carrying case, which is going to either 'eat' into your initial purchase cash or be an additional expense that must be absorbed somehow.  As to it 'turning' or also folding over into a tablet?  Not at that price -- certainly not a new one.  If you DO find one at that price you better treat it like a Faberge Egg and not like a heavy duty brick -- and even then, you may end up quite disappointed.


You know, your phone may have a nice touchscreen, but most folks don't realize that just those damn phones, were you to 'purchase' the phone without that two year contract with a provider, can cost you upwards of a $1,000 US on their own!  Think about that.  Touchscreens are NOT cheap.  Not yet, anyway.


The advice from others about considering a Desktop is probably more realistic in terms of your cash available.  If you have to have a laptop, then at 700 CAD, you're going to have to set your sights a bit lower.  Maybe a lot lower.  If you do, make sure it has a dedicated video card and not just a video chip (also known as Integrated Graphics) so you can run at better then lowest or medium settings.


My advice is DO NOT BE IN A HURRY to purchase and do some homework on what it is you can get for that cash outlay.  You are going to have to make some concessions and trade-offs in your wish list.  A laptop Cooler Pad will do wonders for most laptops, too, and trust me, get one that isn't the "El Cheapo" or you'll be sorry in about two or three months when the fan(s) fail or the cord connector decides to stop working.



Good Luck on your quest.




(playing on a potato laptop made in 2010 at lowest graphics)

TboneOathKeeper #10 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 15:12


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DO NOT GET >>>>>>>>  ASUS Rog G703  ,   Asus has already removed most of the laptops. Sadly I got one and now over 1 year time period I have replaced laptop over 6 times.  The last laptop was the best of all of them. Yet was broke

again just the other day. Once again nit was those "Chicklet Key"  .  Notice you can not find that word anymore around ASUS.  ASUS knew they messed up and tried to cover it up.  So please Stay away from anything that says "Chicklet type keys".

Good luck my Brother and Best of luck.


el_01 #11 Posted Apr 25 2019 - 00:17


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I play on a laptop. Not gaming, a ThinkPad with Ryzen mobile. Runs WoT OK at 1080p and 1440p with low settings. Portable too. Battery life is kinda bad, but I really shouldn't complain. No touchscreen available, hate tablets.

Brianteen_03 #12 Posted Apr 25 2019 - 15:45


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No you can not get any good Convertible gaming laptop in that budget  in my view atleast around $800 is good amount to spend on convertible gaming laptop or any type of gaming laptop. A good option is Acer Nitro 5 Spin that I personally used it and i recommend it undoubtedly. Few other good options available at https://guruverdict.com/best-gaming-laptops-under-800-dollars/ . but the thing is that i dont know about your use i mostly worked office task Photoshop, Illustrator , and PUBG. so for me Acer nitro 5 spin works really well 

the_Deadly_Bulb #13 Posted Apr 25 2019 - 18:56


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View PostDeath_Racker, on Apr 24 2019 - 01:19, said:

Hello! I know quite a bit about PC's but not much about laptops and really need your guys' help! My cousin wanted to buy a new laptop, expecting to pay around ~$700 CAD before taxes. He would like a laptop that can turn into a tablet / fold over and should last a long time. Is this realistic? Do these kinds of laptops last a long time, are they worth it?


I use a ASUS ROG Gaming laptop.

Its 4 years old now and still runs very well.


You're not getting one for $700 however. Mine would have set you back another $2300 CDN beyond that when it was new.


I like a laptop for the portability. I game in multiple places and in remote locations, so packing a desktop is a non-starter for me.

I use a larger monitor and Corsair KB when I'm at home. Laptop monitor and KB are a bit cramped for me.

Never use a glide pad, turn it off. Tapping or touching it can make your gun go off unintentionally.

bevust #14 Posted Apr 27 2019 - 18:40


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2 year old asus rog  runs great

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