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Fair Play Policy: Update on list of Prohibited Mods

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EmperorJuliusCaesar #41 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 19:24


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View PostMudShark92553, on Apr 25 2019 - 00:00, said:

The zoom needs to be banned.I do use the equipment reloader and replay manager. If mods are banned I'll dump them.



This game is an eyesore when it's on default zoom....looks TERRIBLE. 

The_Illusive_Man #42 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 19:28


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View PostEmperorJuliusCaesar, on Apr 24 2019 - 15:19, said:



  • Leaving any tags or indicators located on the playing field where the opponent was spotted by someone from the player’s team"


So in addition to adding super fast tanks that are hard to aim at, we can no longer have last spotted locations.


You REALLY are trying to push the older guys away eh? 


Is your data telling you that it's really the young crybabies that are pumping money into the game??  I HIGHLY doubt it....



Playing field = on the ground..... Last spotted markers on the minimap are fine, AND VANILLA.....

Mono #43 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 19:59

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You can't be shown the way are they pointing the barrels, and from where the DETECTED and showing on minimap foes are approaching! 
​Even friendly ones? So you can see if artillery or TDs are drooling.? (so radio operators are there basically there to make coffee)
But it shows you (with quirurgic precision) from which direction an invisible tank is shooting you and with which type of ammo.... (I guess it is the way it sounds, Right?)
And a crew member can tell you "critical hit" and wit a perk which module is broken..

F**k logic!

PS: You can add some as perks. Also some of "your" perks and equipment are rancid...
PS2: Arty has less than 1/3 of a light tank hp, Inamovible sand, Indestructible wooden houses, 10 seconds to drown and to repair tracks... 30 sec overturn deaths... Because reasons?

Frontline (without friendly fire) is sadly only about rank and does not matter if you win or lose and for how much.

Again, REALLY? Great train of thought guys! You should be proud...

billyzbear #44 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 20:01


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I don't get it. What is wrong with the first one? If we see the tank, why can't we also know where it's pointing? It's just one less thing as a commander of my tank that I don't need to micro manage. Atleast let me know where it's pointing if it's close to me so I don't need to zoom out as much to get that info. 

The second, wow really. If I'm tunnel visioned on a tank. Waiting for him to come out from behind a rock. Why can't I know that an enemy tank just popped up from behind me, without looking at the mini map or, another tank is now out in the open and I can shot it? This just makes being a commander easier. In the game, I am the driver, gunner and commander of my tank. Any thing that you, WG, can add to make it easier to do all three seems right to me. Like the auto lock. That takes the job as gunner and I only need to do the other two jobs. But then again, unless you have an aim bot  you have to micro manage this job as well. There are crew members in the tank. Why can't some of them do the work without me because I'm busy driving this thing. That isn't an easy feat. I have artillery lobbying shells in, sometimes three of them. A tank in front of me trying to shoot me, where I need to move my tank in a way so it mite bounce. Then I need to setup my shot. Move the hull so I can get a shot which isn't easy because some tanks don't have gun depression. Decide just how much of my tank I want to expose to get that shot. There is a lot going on. Any information that will help with all of this should be in the game. If you have artillery with satellite views able to make amazing shots then we must be playing in a more modern battle field with computers. 

This last one, I already thought was illegal. 

dsman2 #45 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 21:35


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this is [edited]the only mod i use that helps me is the one that lets you know if someone off the screen can aim at you if there spotted my win rate is already below 46% with it now it will be lower because of this [edited]. you want to make this game fair? get rid of gold rounds all together i bought the is-6 because i couldn't afford premium ammo because i wasn't making enough credits even with the mod and i stopped playing the is-6 because every one spams prem ammo at it and the Armour is useless against it same with my defender and my buddy's Chrysler you made the game unfair so us less than average players need a handicap and that mod only allows you to know the closest enemy that's spotted and can aim at you not every enemy its not really that great of a handicap, maybe implement a system when certain mods can be used if your win rate is below a certain number. I'm going to stop spending money on this damn game it doesn't help all that much [edited]you guys iv been playing this game for 3 years and i'm only up to tier 8.

-this is not my actual account i didnt want them to ban my real one

HZero #46 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 22:07


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Block Quote


 Leaving any tags or indicators located on the playing field where the opponent was spotted by someone from the player’s team



You guys wanna clarify this for us, or is the vanilla client now banned? :teethhappy:


ironguardian #47 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 22:29


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View PostHZero, on Apr 24 2019 - 15:07, said:



You guys wanna clarify this for us, or is the vanilla client now banned? :teethhappy:


And we just lost Most of the player-base A possible big blow to wargaming money farming...

Tunka_Elk #48 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 23:00


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LOL, good one. The radio man is just needed to make coffee. Yes, any commander has a map on his knee or on the cupola wall. On that map he makes a mark were another tank has reported an enemy tank. If the CO moves his tank in that direction, in most cases the "marked enemy" will have moved. If not, at least the CO can approach that position CAUTIOUSLY instead of blundering in and getting wasted. THAT IS REAL LIFE. That is exactly what the "prohibited" mod does. It marks the last known position so a player can make an INFORMED decision about where and how to move around the map.

The radio man is a KEY element in this game. If he can't pass ANY pertinent information to the CO (player) what use is he? He can hear what other friendlies are saying, from enemy positions to which direction a "spotted" enemy is facing and AIMING. If the enemy ISN'T spotted, then gun direction ISN'T displayed. If the enemy WAS spotted then lost, you lose the gun direction BUT RETAIN THE KNOWLEDGE OF WHERE IT WAS AT WHEN LAST SPOTTED because you made a little mark on your map (this is what the mod is for).


The third mod, marking an unseen or un-spotted enemy PRECISELY to line up a shot, imho should be banned.


One other thing to remember,(this is addressing something some one said about the other crew members being able to spot) the tank commander is the ONLY crew member who has a 360 degree view of the LOS battlefield. If the tank is rolling east, and the commander is looking east, then anyone can come from behind, in at least a 90 degree arc and put a round into the engine or cupola. Why? Because only the commander can turn around and look out the view port facing to the rear. NO OTHER CREW MEMBER HAS A REARWARD FACING VIEW PORT.


Please leave the "last known" positions on the mini map. It is a vital piece of information and is available to a tank commander in real life as well as in WoT.

If the "gun direction" mod can be tweaked a little then I see no good reason to ban it as it can ascertained by any competent commander and passed to allies via the radioman.


As I write this I do keep in mind that World of Tanks is NOT a representation of tanks as they were originally specc'd in real life but, adjusted and buffed or nerfed as needed to meet the demands of the players. Look up a real life spec sheet for any tank then compare it to the tank in game. The in game tank is a mutant. Some of the tanks never made it off the napkins they were drawn up on! WoT just said, "Hey! Look at this monster! Let's add it and GUESS at what the armor thickness was and what huge naval cannon it could have carried."


There are a couple of PC games out there that base their vehicles on real life specification sheets and real life ammunition parameters. Try those games. You'll soon grow tired of the "one shot. one kill" game play. Real life tanks are death traps.

black_colt #49 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 23:01


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View Postdjb_95, on Apr 24 2019 - 08:22, said:

Note there is some contradiction.  Aslains modpack is one of the approved ones.


Aslains modpack INCLUDES the 'Direction of closest enemy' mod.  He has been good about removing stuff that is banned so I assume that this will be gone soon.


Also a question.  Is the 'ATAC' mod in Aslains not allowed?  (Lights up when an enemy tank is within 100 meters.)


Since the stated policy seems to be that Aslains is on the 'approved' list.  Can we safely assume that we will not be banned for using anything in it?  It sure makes life easier.


Quoted directly from the announcement page:

'The Mod Hub is still the only place to download various mods officially approved by Wargaming, without worrying
about policy violations.'


Can we rely 100% on the above statement????





Perhaps you should read the article as it clearly states:


The following modifications are not forbidden yet — the new Fair Play Policy rules will come into force on June 1. However, we're taking this opportunity to notify you in advance, so if you're currently using these mods, please remove them.


Bioroid #50 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 23:08


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Well done War Gaming, but it took you  so long.

Now just block that xvm.


Hearsel #51 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 23:09


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Seems some will go to great lengths even to win in a petty arcade game. My goal in Life is not to be successful but to be faithful.

Memento Mori

YO_BS #52 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 23:17


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And the one mod that I really want is to return the crew! Every mod pack seems to have this but WG for some reason doesn't like it. WHY?


And as other have said what is the point of the crew if you cannot use their skills -- BTW the Brits do tea and the US do coffee... Germans brew bier??


I am one of those who have spent a lot of money and time playing this game, and it keeps moving in the wrong direction. They keep making these stupid fast and cartoon wheeled tanks, and light tanks that can pen ANYTHING and Heavies that are painfully slow and cannot pen squat unless they are Russian... I am truly starting to get the message...


At least get me a means to train crews without wanting to slit my wrists. ALL these "cheats" are for the noobs who are trying to learn and even the odds with these other players with 6 and 7 crews skills each. Lets even up the game by fixing that stuff. If not I think I'm lost as a player to WG. Not that they seem to care. :(

Spydyrman #53 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 23:38


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For anyone worrying about "last known location" markers on the minimap, please read the words very carefully.  Wargaming is actually doing a good job in improving the language used, and I applaud them for it.  I also applaud all of the latest probhibited mod updates, even though I will personally miss the direction of nearest tank mark.  These three items are VERY reasonable for Wargaming to include, and the amount of complaining in this thread is a bit sad.  I love mods, and I love a fair game.  Thank you, Wargaming! :playing:

Mettie7 #54 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 23:47

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So what you're saying is we have until June 1 to keep using these mods

In all seriousness, get the mod pack makers to remove these mods from their modpacks.

SquishySupreme #55 Posted Apr 24 2019 - 23:53


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( pages and pages of cheating people saying there are no cheats in use over the past year or more...)

Note how the first three were not banned before.
#1 - Yeah, half of the community was using it because it wasn't technically banned.  Ever wonder how the enemy always knew what side of the rock to go around to shoot you in the back?
#3 - I have been killed multiple times in the past by this - at least a few times every week.  Post here about it, people spew crap at me about how it's not possible.  If it's not banned, it's being used, folks.
This is exactly how those shots from beyond view range manage to hit you.  Red marker - lob a shell manually from 600m.  NOW that WG says it's a thing that does happen and needs to be banned, suddenly the naysayers are silent now that their favorite toy is suddenly exposed.  

This is why *all* mods need to be removed - because mod makers are always making "not banned yet" mods that are still obvious cheats.  Just not officially recognized as such.

#3... Not a cheat for the last year or two... HOW is that even possible?  How slow to fix things is WG?  Just blows my mind...

EDIT: Better late than never, WG.  Now crack down even harder.

Edited by SquishySupreme, Apr 24 2019 - 23:55.

reiveX #56 Posted Apr 25 2019 - 00:06


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enemy camera direction.


I was using this mod, what information i was using it for was to watch for enemy AIM mods as they would show up on their camera direction as a very rapid shaking or  scanning motion (ex; enemy tanks looking for a target through hills or behind builds in this scanning motion). The other reason was for FRIENDLY camera direction mostly ARTY to spot for them as an example, by removing this mod ARTY will become even more of a problem, Could WG remove BAN for friendly camera Direction at least? 

Edited by reiveX, Apr 25 2019 - 00:08.

13Disciple #57 Posted Apr 25 2019 - 00:08

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Really pleased to see the gun view direction mod added to the list. Good work listening to the players!

BlowdUpGood #58 Posted Apr 25 2019 - 00:15


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OK....let's have a show of hands of those who actually think that WG will actually enforce the policy. 

Haven't so far!


Still way to many people playing with aim bots.

billyzbear #59 Posted Apr 25 2019 - 00:26


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Well done War Gaming, but it took you  so long.

Now just block that xvm.


I could not disagree more. 

Where the turret is looking on the mini map is so-so. I use it sometimes.

The arrows is very important to me. I don't see what is wrong with this input of info. It should be included in the game so the vanila die hards have it too. 

The last one should be illegal. 


After playing this game for a week or so, I started looking into mods because the vanila gunsight is ugly.  Without mods I would not play this game, that is how much I dislike them. With the direction of this game I'm not spending any more money of this game. I have premium time so I mostlikely won't walk away. With the addition of wheels and the ridge bug. Arty has always been a problem. RNG, OMG, don't get me started. Randoms with random players leaving an entire flank open. People not playing their tanks. The list goes on and on. 

Volcanic_lobster_220 #60 Posted Apr 25 2019 - 00:27


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View Postnuclearguy931, on Apr 24 2019 - 16:30, said:

I thought the gun direction mod was already on the banned list?


It's on WG's own website the WoT Mod Hub i've been using the mod "WG Tool Kit" for a few months now and it's one of my favorites no idea why they've let it be on there if they didn't like it, guess the people who made the mod will have to remove it but if they don't then i'll have to stop using it.

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