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XVM ? down ? then up ? then down then up ?

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View Posttoesave, on Apr 25 2019 - 15:01, said:


and how in heck is VXM a cheat mode...  it is clearly available to anyone who plays this game...  it doesn't aim for me it doesn't mark a target .  it is not a cheat by any standard known to the masses..   all it does is give you an idea of those around you... it may tell you how the player played.  however it just can not tell you how he will play this round...  I am thinking some blame vxm because someone else did.... bad match poor stats VXM did it....   lol how sad...


save the well he thought he could not win so he suicided..    chances are he was already pissed off and was looking for an excuse.... he would have done it anyway.. perhaps blaming the wheelies in the match...


biggest fix ever would be do away with win/loss and go straight by damage done....    but then there would be no more whining  


XVM is a cheat because:

Any time you play a game and use a mod to "equalize" the playing field as a new player or gain intel or info that make it easier for you that isn't in the original game, you are by definition cheating.
You are using the computer to do things for you instead of doing it yourself/learning how to play better.    Simple things like crosshair colors are one thing, but mods that give you information that normal vanilla client players won't have is an advantage you didn't earn, learn, or train for.

And this also means determining which players are more of a threat to you and which to avoid, where they are pointing their guns, which tank spotted you, enemy reload timers, and on and on...

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