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WGC Launcher dont show the intro movie

Intro music movie launcher login

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O_Neill_ #1 Posted Apr 29 2019 - 14:58


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I think that the intro movie is necessary to motivate people.

When you want to play WOT and start the game,  that shows a cold autologin screen.

Ok it is fast than before but we are login to play, not to work.

I want to listen the superb music of the intro and watch some tanks running.

One of the things that I love of WOT is the music and the great movie, and now we don't have the intro.

I try to uninstall WGC Launcher but now seems mandatory.

Please Wargaming, let choose to show the intro. It's only a check button in the config.


heavymetal1967 #2 Posted Apr 29 2019 - 15:02


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Edit:  Nvm, mine works but I don't use the WGC.

Edited by heavymetal1967, Apr 29 2019 - 15:16.

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