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Wargaming needs to start thinking about the future...

WorldofTanks Premium Gold Ammo Maps Ranked FrontLine Matchmaking Campaign

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mastercam #1 Posted Apr 30 2019 - 07:30


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Dear Wargaming, 


The game state at which your game is in is quite horrendous. If you haven't seemed to notice the declining interest in your game on twitch seems to be progressing faster than the dedicated players that are leaving the game. I would like to seem the game progress, but World of Warships is doing far better to support it's communities interests in the past two years than you have managed in the past six years.


You're intentions for the game in the eyes of a good portion of players has been to sacrifice the game you've created, and abused it and us (the community) for money. The recent changes to premium have seemed quite desperate to receive more money from players who are either new or are stuck grinding tanks that are abominations. I understand you need to pay staff to continue work on the game, but to add a premium "World of Tanks premium" on top of the already existing WarGaming premium. I appreciate the extra experience bonuses and the "extra" map ban. In all honesty this seemed quite hilarious. As a player highly expecting to be able to rid myself of the poorly designed maps or in the very least the maps that hinder the gameplay for entire classes of tanks. For there to only be one map out of 37 is just a joke. At the very least give us the map rotations when a player is online and allow us to ban maps based on the rotations. I would prefer to see the maps redesigned to fix the issues above rather than seeing which maps are always wanting to be banned.

Gold ammo has always had a special place in my heart, yet it's not a very good place I must admit. Gold ammo has been an issue for quite some time now and it seems the whole of the company has chosen to ignore it. I understand the lawsuit that had followed concerning gold ammo not "doing as it should" when people had to pay real money for it, but in the current version people are allowed to buy it with credits so this is of no issue to the company. All I'm asking is to reconsider how the ammo works or perhaps limit the use of the equipment. I recently played the World of Tanks Classic gamemode and was quite intrigued at how the game has changed for the better or in many cases the worse. The subtle reduction of gold ammo capping was very surprising and greeted me with wonderful ideas for the game such as only allowing tanks of any kind to load a third or possibly a fourth of gold ammo determined by their ammo capacity. Tanks such as the E-100, Scorpion G, etc...(this can apply to nearly all tanks including those at lower tiers). This "mechanic" in the game seems to hold newer players back when they see that they can only shoot gold and get away with it or newer players that can run premium and personal reserves to maybe make five thousand credits. This is awful design and only holds the game back for people by capping their skill levels since with higher penetrating shells fully loaded in a tank allows a player to rely less on their knowledge of tanks and just be able to free fire at any are on a tank that shows either a flat surface or completely diminish a tanks special trait. 

The appreciation I have for maps created in world of tanks are quite high. For the majority of my game time I have enjoyed maps, their reworks, and the occasional discontinuation of unliked maps. However the way maps are now, where we can only ban one as stated as above is a joke. Some maps that have been in the game for several years or even the ones for less than a significant amount of time to gather statistics need to be reworked or completely removed from certain matchmaking. In the even to get Mines, Ghost town, Ensk, or even Widepark(for lower tiers since it was updated to tier six) are just too small for higher tiers than wargaming has allotted them to. Other maps like Highway, Erlenberg, and Mountain pass have slight irregularities in maps that can cause massive swaying in games. In Highway the North, for the majority of its games, wins the city and has a huge advantage to either defend or attack based on the teams motives. Erlenberg is still a massive camp fest on either side of the map, despite the design of the map looking beautiful and unique, despite the numerous slight reworks or major reworks on the map. Mountain pass a massive issue with the middle of the map offering up to both teams the opportunity to fire across the middle. This can offer great rewards or in some cases whole wins. Allowing fast mediums and light tanks that are unspotable from either opposing bush most inward near the middle depression. Some maps are so abysmal that they should be completely removed or reworked. I would love to see wargaming actually try to take true statistics across all tiers for their maps and attempt to accurately adjust them over time and study their popularity.


In order to sum up the rest of the issues I'm wanting to discuss will mildly be brought up here as they are simple conditions that wargaming seems to not take action on. For ranked I would love to see a general system that doesn't benefit those that choose to only sit back and farm damage. These players are a disgrace to the community that try to only farm damage and play relatively "safe" without a care for their team, because as long as they have decent damage and mild spotting or supporting damage they will receive rank up tokens and be guaranteed to rank up. I would prefer this stat be based off of wins like a normal ranked game to decide someones skill rating with at a minimum 5 tanks on smaller(ish) maps to allow for coordination among players and give a competitive vibe to the game. This in my opinion is a step in the right direction in order for this game to finally resurge to the top of twitch and possibly revive the esports scene that died years ago. For Frontline, it was quite disappointing to be left with the same map we had already experienced. They seemed to have plenty of time to come up with another decently sized creative map. As well as any rewards that were "new" just seemed repetitive and dull. For matchmaking(mm), I honestly love the new system, yet I'm sadly still disappointed to find myself in 3-5-7 matchmaking. It seems Wargaming does not understand what the community wants since we get 4-11, 5-10, and 6-9 mm within one tier tanks. However, if we are asking to change the poorly designed 3-5-7 mm where if you're a tier 8 tiger unable to penetrate Maus' and E-100's... then why would we ever ask to still have it implemented into the game. This is a huge developer decision that could cost their game serious player number's or even revenue(since they seem to only be after this is some people's eyes). Finally, I would like to discuss the campaigns. I appreciate the new tanks they are trying to incorporate, but some missions are absurd. Like a medium tank mission to set a tank on fire causing players to go out into battles and clearly throw games trying to complete a mission. They have been mostly reworked and are perfectly fine, but there are still some overly rng heavy missions. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post, and I hope Wargaming reads this and decides to act on some undesirable or wanted features for their games. Thank you guys for what you do at Wargaming, but if the game continues down its current path I am sad to say you will lose another veteran that has been a part of clan wars, stronghold battles, and numerous small tournaments. 


Sincerely, mastercam.

KaiserWilhelmShatner #2 Posted Apr 30 2019 - 07:44


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Are you going to keep repeating this every few hours?

KingofDragons #3 Posted Apr 30 2019 - 08:27

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its his 6 th post unlike some people..

riversteel #4 Posted Apr 30 2019 - 08:31

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What is point ?

Atragon #5 Posted Apr 30 2019 - 12:02


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The WG Sales department dictates to the Development Department. I see no improvement until this changes and it wont.

4P1 #6 Posted Apr 30 2019 - 14:04


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WG is a business, I get that. I don't understand where the business is headed.

Crew skins for example: I don't get it; ya can't see 'em in battle; only see 'em in garage; they give no advantage … why waste time developing them. Premium account split, why? Who benefits?

I've only played for 2 years and I keep a premium account, and have a few premium vehicles; this is how I support the business that provides me with entertainment, however, my enjoyable entertainment level is falling … Bugs that don't get fixed, maps that make no sense (the maps don't seem to keep pace with the vehicles changes), repeated-one-sided-blowout losses, stuck in battles against 2-tier-higher tanks with little chance of survival or reward, tanks that make no sense (wheeled lights, best tanks for best players, no limit on gold/non-gold ammo load),  customer support staff that seems condescending and often quite clueless … just don't understand where it is going and how bad it's going to get.

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JohannGambolputty #7 Posted Apr 30 2019 - 20:08

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Where are they headed?

Down the tubes quickly. 

the_Deadly_Bulb #8 Posted Apr 30 2019 - 20:43


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View PostKingofDragons, on Apr 29 2019 - 23:27, said:

its his 6 th post unlike some people..


2 of which are mirrors of one another and made the same day.

This one from 10:30 PM yesterday, and this one from 6:49 PM yesterday http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/603183-wargaming-needs-to-start-thinking-about-the-future/page__pid__12097493#entry12097493


What was your point again?

Volcanic_lobster_220 #9 Posted Apr 30 2019 - 20:47


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No joke, i don't know what happened but when i used to log on just a few months ago, there would be 18K online in the evening, now i log on and i don't see the number go higher than 16.9k, what drove away a whole thousand players? idk, but i remember a long while before that, back in 9.16/9.17, late end of 2016, when there was a West and East server, there was at minimum 20K each, a ton of players compared to now, man, whatever WG's done it's pi**ed off so many that've left the game, really makes you question if WG HQ in Russia cares about Na server at all, or EU server even.

latvius #10 Posted Apr 30 2019 - 21:02

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My guess, super heavy tanks and gold spam along with some peoples ridiculous theories and expectations.  They seem to be steering the ship back on course for the better.  It's a game that is 8 or so years old, the vast majority of it's players are in Russia, so yes WG wants to make money, yes it has Russian bias, yes the player base is shrinking.  Why are people surprised and upset by these things?  I dunno - I think WG is making positive changes to a game I really like to play.


Oh and to the OP you need to cut down that novel to 5 or less bullet points, about the only person who will read that is another forum novelist but that's about it.

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dunniteowl #11 Posted Apr 30 2019 - 21:02


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If you were to do me (and others, I feel certain) a solid and Break your Wall of Text down a touch with some line breaks between paragraphs, I'd actually finish reading it.  As it is, I can't make it past the 1st paragraph and then I just glaze over.



Something like this between thoughts, so that we have time to mentally process what we just read without being inundated by more words we aren't really ready for yet.



If you did that, I promise I would read it.





yereverluvinunclebert #12 Posted May 15 2019 - 11:41


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View Postriversteel, on Apr 30 2019 - 07:31, said:

What is point ?


yada yada, hey heyyy! Vot is point?

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