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PTwr #1 Posted May 03 2019 - 12:39


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So yeah. Paint colors are moddable. Non-historical paint colors have few horrible options, but so do historical ones.

I made two version, one to tone down offensive colors to manageable levels and second to pretty much disable all paints.

Have in mind that paints are also used as base colors in some skins.


tonned Donw Non-Historical Paints (well, I tonned down some historical ones as well this time). Its only meant to lower eyesoreness level, especially on bright (desert) maps where lightning system made clown paint jobs much more visible.


NoPaints! Poland edition. All paint colors are set to Polish national base color.




How to install:

Place file in C:\games\World_of_Tanks\mods\{current game version}\ 


How does it work?

It changes paint color on your screen only.


Whats in mod?

Just one file with paint color definitions. You can inspect mod file with archive manager of choice (eg. 7-zip).


How in tarnation do you make .wotmod files that game can read?!

It must be standard zip (deflate) with no compression (store).



Its all on github. If you can't wait for WG to accept new version, you can always get it from releases on github.


Can I ...

Yes, do whatever you like.


Is this legal?

Yes. Mods are approved by WG on official mod portal.


Can I change colors?

Yes. Head to github and download most recent ColorEditor or just edit one and only file in mod in notepad. Recent mod releases are in .wotmod file, which is just .zip archive, I suggest using 7-zip to handle it.


Will my custom color palette be legal?

Probably. I have been using my creation for few months without releasing it.


Can you make different versions of NoPaints?

Yup, current one is just quick brute force approach. I picked Polish base color as it looks historical enough and is not as common in battle as Russian or Chinese green. I just need to finish up my toolchain to make it vomit out all options in single click.




Cowcat137 #2 Posted May 03 2019 - 13:49


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PTwr #3 Posted May 03 2019 - 17:27


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Anything is a door if you're clever enough ';..;'

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