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KRZYBoop's Used tank Emporium: T-103 Turreted Russian TD

KRZY T-103 Presale Turreted TD

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KRZYBooP #1 Posted May 04 2019 - 00:10

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Howdy Boom Jockeys!


Come on down to check out the newest- used tank to hit the battlefield in Tier VIII. The T-103 360 degree Turreted Russian Tank Destroyer. 



This tank goes on sale from 6May until 13May. 


For more information about the sale please click HERE


 Hurry on Down to get this tank with prices starting at 33.99.


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mlinke #2 Posted May 04 2019 - 02:47


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I parked by that tank yesterday or it was a Walmart. Anyway. They look same size.

HOTA_CHATON #3 Posted May 04 2019 - 03:33


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I for one, will not be purchasing this or anything else from War Gaming for quite a long while if ever again.  IF War Gaming wants to make money, stop milking your current customer base for all their are worth, fix game as is should have been, advertise, and then treat your players like you used to, when it all first began.  Have a great weekend, I am.  Working up my British heavy line and just got the Canarveon at Tier VIII.  I hear a Super Conqueror calling my name and don't have time for all these new gimmicks that keep getting thrown out for sale.

grizli #4 Posted May 06 2019 - 21:44


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Iliketoshoot #5 Posted May 08 2019 - 22:42


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Remove gold rounds and I will buy it. 

latvius #6 Posted May 09 2019 - 15:27

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I was surprised by how many shots I have bounced on them, from a distance and not shooting gold of course.  But still I was surprised, too bad it has a bad combo of no camo, large size, current state of prem spam means no thanks even tho it is only $34.

AJABOOBOO #7 Posted May 12 2019 - 15:33


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wow lmbo. I dont think the Russians understand western culture. Nonsense like this, to westerners, appears as pathetic and overcompensating from an emotionally insecure people in a wanna be 1st world state.. This is also another example of the pure avarice and extreme discontent for the player base that exists withing Wargaming itself.



This is clearly completely made up and i doubt there are even actual blue prints past a crayon drawing by a child. This is just an excuse to put a rotating turret on a Russian T.D. which means unrealistically thick armor, high speed and over-performance.

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TheEngineofWar #8 Posted May 13 2019 - 03:37


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How about I am just fed up with never existing and overpowered Russian vehicles? Is the game called world of tanks or world of Russian tanks? You want to keep your Russian base happy then keep all that soviet junk on Russian servers. I for one would like historic Panther, and Leopard 1A1. 

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