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Is the T110E5 worth it?

American heavy tank T110E5

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Zuikakoo #1 Posted May 05 2019 - 10:08

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I'm bumbling through the M103 and I've been shocked at what a disappointment it is.   The T32 had a lot of failings the M103 has more, I'm sure its a workable tank and I've had some good games in it, but I've decided I would never play this thing on its own, because I just want to play the M103 style of peek and pray.   So is the next tank worth it?   Is the T110E5 worth the punishment of the M103 and the farming up the credits and buying the garage slot.   I'm very concerned because I almost never see them in Tier 10 games, so rarely I can't really guess their abilites from an opponents view.  

KampfyKouch #2 Posted May 05 2019 - 10:11

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If they fixed the cupola, it's a serviceable tank. Otherwise there are much better options like literally everything else except the IS4.

PotatoLegend99 #3 Posted May 05 2019 - 10:33

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It's an M3 Lee at tier 10 with a turret. Simple to work with, but not worth the struggle. Why take the stairs when there's an elevator?

Zanarkand_C #4 Posted May 05 2019 - 10:49

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It's better then the M103 for sure, I hated the M103. The E5 is just a good all rounder tank doesn't really shine in any area or suck in any area. Mr. Average is this tank.


I found it to be enjoyable though just takes a lot of wiggle to make it work.

LordSwaggyMcBadassington #5 Posted May 05 2019 - 10:55


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It's worth it only in it's nostalgia value; otherwise, in the current state of the meta, it's a tank that I would garage until some moderate buffs come into play.


If you hated the M103, you won't really enjoy the E5. It plays similarly but in the bullpen of tier X; people are gonna be spamming HEAT all over the place and you'll be singled out as a priority target. Many of the same failings of the tier 9 are also present in the tier 10; turret weakspots, weak lower plate, and terrible overall survivability. While the M103's main selling point is it's excellent M58 gun, the same gun at a tier higher just doesn't hit as hard or have as much presence. The T110's primary strengths aren't really enough to justify it's use on a daily basis:


1. It's supposed to be a pseudo heavy/medium, but doesn't have the top speed nor the armor to fulfill either roles well. It plays as a heavium that requires a very high skillcap to compete against the likes of a Super Conq or 111-5A.


2. It's also supposed to have high DPM, but this advantage is largely negated by the increasing presence of high-alpha trading tanks which are dominating the tier 10 landscape. Now mediums like the 430U can compete in a shot-to-shot tradeout against the E5, and things like a Object 277, AMX M4, or Panzer VII hit a hell of a lot harder than the tanks which the E5 used to face in it's heyday.


Overall it's just not a super competitive tank. It used to be a beast with great front armor and an excellent armament, but nerfs and powercreep have hit it hard. If you're looking for something with a similar playstyle try the Super Conqueror; it has a very comparable gun, vastly improved turret (and arguably hull) armor, and similar handling stats. It hurts to say, as the E5 was the first tier X I ever had, but it's true. It's a shadow of it's former self.


That's not to say the E5 isn't still good, it's just definitively not great - and if you didn't like the previous American heavies, you will most certainly dislike the T110. I'd advise you to either hold off until they buff the tank (which, since it isn't Russian, might take a very, very long time), or just to pursue another line altogether.

Slone #6 Posted May 05 2019 - 13:41


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I have it, it use to be a good tank, but since the last round of nerfs (a while ago) it hasn't left my garage.

jsn87xi76slk92mc802d7sk1 #7 Posted May 05 2019 - 13:45

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yes its fine. better than others for sure

Mojo_Riesing #8 Posted May 05 2019 - 14:32


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Well...reading thru the comments..this is all cleared up!

__WarChild__ #9 Posted May 05 2019 - 15:03


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1) For me, NEVER - I have never seen this tank in a Clan War or Advance.

2) For you, MAYBE - It all depends on your style and how you plan to use it.


Best of luck!

spud_tuber #10 Posted May 05 2019 - 15:07


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Like many others have said, it is getting a bit long in the tooth between the nerfs and power creep.  Indeed, power creep had just about caught up to it before the nerfs, so post nerf it was left bleeding in the dust after being ran over by buffed superheavies and then the new generation of heaviums and support heavies, both roles it used to be good at and now not so much.

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