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Music to run 1.5

music soundtracks

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Gabriel_Zayin #1 Posted May 07 2019 - 23:01


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New version - upgraded soundtracks :great:



Sounds of Silence


The Cost of Freedom


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NiteDog #2 Posted May 07 2019 - 23:12


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The song refers to an actual bridge that condemned criminals would cross on the way to the gallows in the city of Venice. This might be intended as a metaphor for the state of human affairs. The actual bridge may be out of use these days, but the same sort of cold indifference to the struggles of our fellow man still exists, and I believe he is pointing out that we are still crossing the bridge of sighs whether we realize it or not. The word Bridge has classically been used as a metaphor for moving on or for finding yourself in a new place, but the irony of the bridge of sighs is that its a bridge that leads to nowhere. Maybe he is reminding us that we should be crossing the bridge to enlightenment, but instead we find ourselves still crossing the bridge of sighs.

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TheManFromKekistan #3 Posted May 17 2019 - 02:49


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Well if we are going to go deep tracks to play tonks then here is a classic. Bonus sync to a classic movie!




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