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Why I quit battles (and why I don't care about the zero exp)

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Cowcat137 #21 Posted May 11 2019 - 18:13


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For me the challenge is to play well.  A losing game is an opportunity to push your limits.  Of course I stink, so I continually get to challenge myself.  Maybe you just need a break.


TheGame_ #22 Posted May 11 2019 - 18:17


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View PostAnublister, on May 11 2019 - 10:34, said:

tl/dr: I quit because my team doesn't know/care where to go/how to play, and I cannot justify staying.




GeorgePreddy #23 Posted May 11 2019 - 18:22


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View PostAnublister, on May 11 2019 - 12:34, said:

 I'm not saying I'm right here...   Good, because you aren't.


The purpose of this thread is about why I quit battles...  I hope this will resonate with a few of you.  Doesn't resonate with me... quitters are common, the world is full of them, they work for the folks who are not quitters.


... at some point neither ammo type penetrated and that caused me frustration...  Sounds like a personal issue, stop shooting Type 5s in the front.


Then there is the camouflage effects, which seemed arbitrary and are a bit illogical if you think about it (crew skill for camo that somehow makes your tank harder to see at any range even while moving, really?)


Yes really, here are some examples of crew applied concealment that stays on the moving tank:






Enough ?  If not, I have more examples, both modern and WWII era.


Arty was obviously a big frustration.   Arty has always been a frustration for most who play against it, and also those who attempt to play it.


So why do I quit battles you ask?   I never asked... you offered.


There is no price of admission to enter the higher tiers. No skill requirement. No winning percentage. No team participation quotient. This is was further exasperated by the 3/5/7 matchmaker.  You do realize that if there was a skill or winning percentage requirement, it is entirely probable that you wouldn't make the cut, and would therefore be barred from higher tier play... right ??


If I go to a hospital and seek treatment I am assured the doctor treating me has extensive training and their performance measured to ensure me my treatment will have some modicum of success.   This is a free-to-play, public accessible game... not a medical profession requiring 8 years of higher education and hundreds of thousands of $ to master. So... ridiculous analogy, showing that you take this game way too seriously.


People don't pay or spend inordinate amounts of time watching amateurs compete (unless they have a stake in it, e.g. a child).  No one is buying a ticket and paying to watch Random Battles in WoT, so what is your point to this sentence ?


 I have struggled to come up with a way to balance skill (and have posted several times about it), no efforts have been done to remedy it. This isn't a thing I can fix on my own.   Doesn't need "fixing"... because WG has what they want already in place, it's called skill-random MM. Below, please see WoT's answer to an SBMM proponent who filed a ticket asking for SBMM in Random Battles:


"You have reached Wargaming Customer Support.


Thank you for sharing to us your concern. We are always here to aid you.


The addition of skill-based conditions to the matchmaking equation would disrupt the very idea behind Random Battles. Although the mode has rules, there is an element of randomness to each battle, and the thrill that comes with it is what we all love about Random Battles. Everyone gets a chance to become a hero, to prove their worth playing against people with different battle histories. It wouldn’t be possible with skill-based matchmaking.


If you have any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For more information please visit our Player Support Page.


Have a great day!"


I don't have the uber skills to carry most battles and I don't want them Feel free to keep saying that if it helps you to sleep at night.


This is a free-to-play game. It's also free to participate. I accept that.  Finally... something sensible !


If WG and the vocal   minority  majority   insist on creating and advocating for teams that are skill-random, then during such battle I reserve the right to just leave. And I do. As I stated, this game is an investment of my time. And my time is valuable to me. It's sounds selfish  (because it is selfish)...


Only a fool takes a willing part in a hopeless struggle.   Only an arrogant fool thinks he always knows which battles are a "hopeless struggle" before they are even fought.


When some of you get to my amount of playtime perhaps you will agree.  I am close to your "play time" (well over 55,000 total battles) and i greatly disagree with most of your post.









scHnuuudle_bop #24 Posted May 11 2019 - 19:43


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 You somehow equate this game to real life.

Because you have a certain way of playing, does not mean anyone else cares.


In a game you get everything from a high clan 61% player, right beside a guy with 102K games and 42%. Mountain goats to someone on a quest for missions.

I met a guy the other night who lets his kid drive over trees and rocks all game. (He did take over to shoot).


Why do some insist on getting all worked up over a mere arcade game. From the sounds of this, you actually think there is some real world importance to playing this game. Heck, you seem to think that better players are somehow elevated in life.


That you willingly join a game, and then in a very telling action, you have a tantrum, stomp your feet, get your soother and quit.

You really prove little, other than your maturity level. Clearly demonstrating how some over privileged players ruin 29 others games because their inner armchair general is being ignored.

dunniteowl #25 Posted May 12 2019 - 03:15


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Whatever floats your boat, man.  It's your tank and your account.  You're free to treat it as you like.



It IS selfish, though, to think that you can identify with certitude, which battles are going to be won or lost by those on the team worse than you.  And it is unflinchingly arrogant, to boot, to be so sure that you know how 'bad' your team is and at which point that makes it worth just leaving.  It IS your account, though, so you do you.



Coming to the forums to -- what? -- explain your position on why you have justified it for you?  Well, thank you.  I now know that you are not treating your fellow gamers with any sense of camaraderie.



And, being as how you 'explained' your position in an unsolicited manner, allow me to espouse mine, which is in contradiction to yours, though, probably falls right up there with that whole, 'you do you' comment I made earlier, so -- no extra weight given beyond it's how I roll.


See that Red Banner at the top of the client that has those letters "Battle!" in it?  When you click on that, it's not a single player game.  It's also not really that organized.  Even so, clicking, "Battle!" indicates that you are fully ready and willing to play.  This 'play' is predicated on many of the things you 'complained' about for justifying your early exit from a match: knowing how to play your unit, positioning and other things that you will ACTUALLY DO AND PERFORM during a match.


I'm guessing a purposeful exit, because you don't like the odds is less about valuing your time and more with being already certain it's a loss, so why bother?  Sure, you can say you value your time, but are you getting value for such a grey ethic that is wholly subjective and, if we're being honest, only reliable in this game just under half the time in the first place?  Would you not be getting higher value out of doing your best to squeeze every last HP from the Red Team, no matter how crap the rest of your team is?


Wait, you're not that guy who walks off the field or doesn't even try to catch the ball when an easy to catch pop fly sails right over in the reach of your gloved hand are you?  I've seen those kinds of players, too.  "What's the difference, we're already losing 8 to 2?"  I've had those guys on my ball teams and on my WoT teams.


They are both something you cannot control, so why let them determine your overall integrity level?


I consider doing my best, even in the face of a certain loss, to be the hallmark of determination to succeed.  Even in the face of overwhelming facts of your upcoming loss, you can still shoot that guy, then that guy, then that guy and then that other guy, as long as you can manage to do it, you should.  I think the phrase they would use in my father's time was, "It builds character," when you do stuff like that, even when playing a silly game.






cloudwalkr #26 Posted May 12 2019 - 18:52


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I love how OP creates this thread and then makes one about "you know your team is bad when" thread...like they don't even realize the team is bad when it has OP and players like him on it.


kinda funny.

mrmojo #27 Posted May 13 2019 - 01:08


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I always thought there was a s missing from the op's name.

Someone who abandons his team sort of confirms it...

ChaseR392 #28 Posted May 13 2019 - 02:01


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View PostAnublister, on May 11 2019 - 16:34, said:


Now consider this. It's also a free to not participate game. 


You are 100% correct... you are free not to participate up until you click the Battle Button. After you are loaded into a battle.... abandoning your team is a d**k move and your teammates should report you for "inaction/bot" and "unsportsmanlike conduct" every single time you do it.


I would understand and agree with you 100% if you said.... "I'm not going to waste gold ammo or large kits in a 3-15 blow-out"... I'm sure most reasonable people would agree with that. But checking out of the beginning of a battle because the XVM messiah said it is hopeless or your teams looses 3 tanks early is completely different. 


You are screwing over the other 14 guys on your team who showed up to battle.... and you feel you've "earned" the right the do this....


Even a bot will shoot his gun at the enemy until he dies.... 

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