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How do I prove to Wargaming that I was in Alpha test?

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kebab6597 #21 Posted May 12 2019 - 08:44


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I played the T23 when it was the tier 8 later replaced by the Pershing, yet the T23 does not appear on my service record and WG said I joined after BETA was over, yet I,am pretty sure I recall having played the game in BETA then the games later release, so my question is was the T23 only around in BETA or did it linger for awhile after the games release because I do remember the excitement of finally getting the T23 myself then when the news hit that it was being replaced by the Pershing how we all looked forward to that hoping it would be an improvement over the already decent T23 

dunniteowl #22 Posted May 12 2019 - 17:06


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View PostSyrup, on May 11 2019 - 20:49, said:


It was my favorite tank as well! Sadly i don't have any photos of those times and nor do i have proof of my alpha and or closed beta test emblems. I just have a friend that can confirm of the T23 killing that IS-7 and i will try to look though all photos i have of gaming during those times if any.


All your images are time creation stamped -- or should be.  I would think if you have any screen shots, emails or posts relevant to your participation before April of 2011, that they should, in and of themselves, be sufficient 'proof' of your 'age' in WoT.  Just a thought.




Suomen_Panssari #23 Posted May 12 2019 - 18:43

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View PostDEADTIME, on May 12 2019 - 06:40, said:

As I remember it there was no NA Alpha so you must be talking about the RU server. Were you on the RU server? Or maybe even to EU server.


Closed Beta  for English version of the game was EU/NA i remember the server split that WG said was happening and they gave you option pick a server and your account was moved to the  new EU cluster and your account became EU account or stay on excising NA Server Cluster become an NA account. I also remember a lot people  asking for server transfers to EU after window to move was closed

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